Saturday, July 04, 2009

The Islamic Republic continues to terrorize Iranians

In this clip, from the recent anti-regime unrest, an Iranian youth is savagely hunted down by a horde of the Islamic Republic's mercenary forces and beaten. There is at least 10 merceneries attacking the defenseless youth. These are the tactics which this hell-sent Islamic regime uses to stifle dissent against their illegal rule.

The Islamic Republic's internal propaganda machine is depicting the recent demonstrators as "thugs" and "hoodlums" who are "causing unrest and damaging public property". In this effort they get forced confessions (a result of physical and psychological torture) from arrested pro-democracy demonstrators or simply use their own actors and broadcast these propaganda productions to the general public:

It is however norm that the truth to what the Islamic Republic announces is in fact the complete opposite. Here are the actual thugs and hoodlums who have been destroying public property and instigating people to violence - none other than the Islamic Republic's own savage mercenary forces.


Raminia said...

Hi there,

Could you please took off the link to my photoblog, Pblog ( from your weblog. I think that's the reason my photoblog is blocked in Iran.

Thanks! :)

Aryamehr said...

Hi Ramin,

I've removed the link but if the Islamic Republic has blocked your website it is unlikely they will unblock it. People can still use "filtershekan's" to access blocked blogs.