Friday, July 24, 2009

Iranian freedom-fighter shot in the head by the Islamic Republic's savage security forces


An Iranian student participating in the ongoing anti-regime demonstrations in Iran is seen here with a head-wound. It appears he is loosing massive amounts of blood from the head, where the bullet(s) from the regime security forces has hit, with his body twitching in pain - given the condition he is in and the circumstances I do not believe this compatriot survived this fatal shot. People around him are hysterical shouting that he should be taken to a hospital, that he should be positioned differently, and the compatriot who is trying to stop the bleeeding keeps shouting that his brains have come out - towards the end of the clip you can hear the crowd chanting "i will kill whoever killed my brother". Hundreds of people are being massacred in Iran by the savage anti-Iranian Islamic Republic and no concrete support is given to the Iranian people who are standing up against these band of savages!

Potkin has more detailed blogs on the ongoing anti-regime demonstrations and the heroes who have lost their lives fighting for liberating their country from this hell-sent Islamic regime.

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Anonymous said...

sad indeed. but most important is that mr. ahmadinejad has finally accepted as the winner by the world leaders and i think also by iranians.