Friday, January 23, 2009

Anbanou / Shahbanou

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"Shahbanou" is a persian term for "Empress" (Shah = Emperor / Banou = Lady). This is the title bestowed upon the current Iranian Empress (in exile) Farah Pahlavi (right in picture).

Iranians under Arabo-Muslim occupation are referring to the President of the occupational Islamic Republic's (AhmadiNejad) wife as "Anbanou" (left in picture). "An" which is a persian for "excrement" is a term Iranians have bestowed upon and use to refer to the occupational Islamic Republic's President AhmadiNejad. "Anbanou" recently came out of the miserable hole which AhmadiNejad keeps her in and made some comments about providing aid to palestinians, in which the above exclusive photo of this reclusive muslim specie was made.

"Antar" is another persian term meaning "monkey" which is also used to refer to AhmadiNejad due to his close resemblance to a monkey. Yet another term is "Ahmagh", meaning idiot, which fused with AhmadiNejad's name makes "AhmaghiNejad (Ahmagh = Idiot / Nejad = offspring/descendant/race = Descendant of Idiot). These are but a few references which Iranians use to refer to these inhumane anti-Iranian muslim creatures, thus you should not be surprised if you hear an Iranian refer to AhmadiNejad as "President AN", "Antar", "AhmaghiNejad" or his wife as "Anbanou" etc........

Hopefully in the near future Iranians will cleanse Iranian society of all these an's, antar's, & ahmagh's!!!


Anonymous said...

Please remove this ugly picture from your beautiful website, It is shameful to haveing this ugly picture besides one of the most beautiful Queens in the world. I just heat these black hearted people, if I look at this picture I just get so angry. Any way if you can please remove it.

Thank you again for all of your hard work.


Aryamehr said...


I fully symphatize with what you said but we cannot hide these shameful pictures. We need everyone in Iran and outside to look at these pictures. We need to inform non-Iranians what we think of these occupiers. We need Iranians to realize what mess their parents' generation has gotten them into. We need to see where Iran was before and where it is now. We need to acknowledge all this and work towards a better future, if not for us, for future generations to come.

Pirooz va Sarboland Basheed!

Anonymous said...

What a waste Iran has become. I remember when I was young, my parents took me to the Zoo to see animals. These days the country is run by Monkeys with Donkey's brain. What a shame. I just hope that we can all encourage our young generation that sadly have not seen the good times, to wake up & refuse the "free" drugs provided by the monkeys to keep them quiet.

Sohrab said...

Anbanou indeed!

Winston said...

LMAO... funny

Unknown said...

Im sitting here with my mom, who adores and loves the Royal Family <3
My both laughed so hard!!!! Love the humor and the seriousness all in one! Well written and a pleasure to read!

Movafagh bashi!