Sunday, March 16, 2008

HIM Reza Pahlavi II of Iran - French parliamentarians

HIM Reza Pahlavi II of Iran meets with members of the French parliament (Feb 2008):


Anonymous said...

Dear Reza Pahlavi my childhood friend well said these islamic thugs and islamic mollhas want to burn all the west , i go even further dear reza pahlavi growing up with you and our beloved late majesty,taking the nuces out of iran is what we should do, my position is clear, and all the high ranking countrys in the west civilzed country know my position well , sentaor JOHN MCCAIN my hero for the next president of the usa, and also happy hollidays to every one, the list is way too long and happy norouz to you dear aryamehr dear ardavan and arvin khosnoud, gorbanat tirdad gharib,

Anonymous said...

Is it not available in English?

Winston said...

Prince Reza was on CNN yesterday afternoon and I have the video posted on my weblog if you want to watch...

Anonymous said...

Ba Dorood'e Irani bar Araymehr'e gerami,

Fara resiedan'e khojasteh norooz'e Jamshidi ra beh hameh rastiin Iranian paak'delaneh shad'bash migoyam.

Harooz'etan norooz.
Norooz'etan pirooz.

Aryamehr said...

Ba Dorood bar shoma GardunehMehre Gerami.

Manam hamchenin shaadbaashaye norooziye irani baraye shoma daram.

Noroozat pirooz! haroozat norooz!

Alan Peters said...

Happy Now Ruz to Aryamehd and Garduneh Mehr and all the faithful activists who visit Aryamehr and and other good sites as well as some that o\are not so "clean" but post anywa.

If you haven't seen the woman in Iran video, who wallked down the street recently and openly said "Javid Shah" then take a look on Antimullah (Videos).

That took guts and I take my hat off to her for her courage. We all should even if, some of us may not support the monarchy (I'm NOT talking about me and AntiMullah).

There is also a Now Ruz card video on Antimullah you might wish to sharfe and send to your friends if you do not have one at hand.


Aryamehr said...

Happy New Year to you as well Alan! Keep up the good work.