Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Iranian students from Shiraz issue ultimatum to the occupational Islamic Republic

Shiraz students give a last warning to the occupational Islamic forces:
"Farmandeye padegaan een akhareen payam ast! Jonbeshe daneshjooyi amadeye ghiam ast! Maa zan o marde jangeem! Bejang ta bejangeem!"
(english translation: Commander of Islamic forces this is our last call! The students movement is ready to rise up! We, men and women, are ready for war! if you want war we will bring war to you!)

UPDATED - Protests have been ongoing for 8 days now: CLIP2, CLIP3, CLIP4, CLIP5
Pajamas Media Reports on the ongoing unrest.



saggezard said...

Thanks for the video. I hope people here this voice. Where is the CNN/BBC and Amnesty? They must be busy planning a PR effort along with Trita Parsi.

Man, the anchor lady sounds so disturbing. I have never seen one member of the MKO who has not lost their mind from malnutrition or has not been a total weirdo from birth. I find the Mojaheddin to be traitors but in a future free Iran I think, due to their hard efforts to expose the Ayatollahs, they should be allowed to have a maximum of couple of Kibbutz's in the middle of the Loot desert to keep the like minded weirdos out of sight. Just kidding.

Winston said...

thnx for reporting

Anonymous said...

The insanity of islam must be defeated, world-wide. The place it will start is Iran. Get armed and plan on spilling blood and plan to have your blood spilled. Islam will go down. Islam is not God's religion....islam belongs to Satan!!!

Azarmehr said...

Thanks for the video Aryamehr. Our network of Iranian bloggers is getting stronger and stronger every day and I am so full of joy that we are making such a difference and filling the information gap created by the Western mass media.

Anonymous said...

Dear compatriots for every action there is a reaction, thanks for the video Aryamehr,people are fed up with islamo facist mollahs,and their islamic terrroist of iran hezbollah hammass,executions public hangings beheadings stonning women starving people in iran. great job to all the students and persians raise up and take it to the street we are behind you, god bless. Tirdad Gharib.usa

Anonymous said...

This is great news. thank you.