Saturday, February 02, 2008

2nd Islamic Takeover of Iran (1979-Present)

On 1 February 1979 the leader of the Islamic insurgency in Iran, Mullah Khomeini, was flown back to Iran on board an Air France flight. Upon circling the capital Tehran, which his illiterate, foreign, thuggish supporters had turned into a battle zone, the Mullah was asked by an accompanying reporter what his feelings were after years of exile - his short, ruthless, and heartless answer of "heech" (persian for "nothing") was to serve as a forecast to what he had in plan for Iran and Iranians. This is not surprising as his origins where non-Iranian in the first place. Mullah Khomeini's full name was "Ruhollah ibn Mustafa Musawi Khomeini Hindi", of which the last part means "the Indian". Historical accounts prove that his mother was of Kashmiri descent whereas his father was an Englishman who converted to Islam.

1 February onwards the guerilla warfare, demonstrations and spread of propaganda against the Iranian Government by leftist and islamist forces was increasingly intensified. On 12 February 1979 the Armed Forces acted upon advice by the Deputy-Commander-in-Chief of NATO, General Huyser, who had been sent by President Carter as an un-announced envoy to the country, by declaring their neutrality and ordered all military personnel back to their barracks; this in effect had broken one of the last hopes for saving Iran from what was to befall her and her people. There were several Iranian General's who opposed this move to declare neutrality since the matter concerned issues of national security, but with no effective leadership - as their Commander in Chief (the Shah of Iran) suffering from a malevolent form of cancer and not in a state of serving in a decision-making role - had departed the country to calm tension and seek treatment for his illness. Many of these military officials would later attempt to regain the country from the hands of the Islamists by launching an un-successful coup attempt (Nojeh Coup).

February 12 1979 is when the terrorist Islamic Republic occupying Iran celebrate their victory over the Iranian government and the creation of their terrorist system that has held Iran hostage for 29 years while persecuting and brutally crushing any dissent against their illegal rule. Their rule has been marked by physical and cultural genocide, hangings, stonings, amputations, torture, fundamentalism, oppression, gender apartheid, censorship, war, prostitution, poverty, corruption, terrorism and a hundred other ills. To describe the tragedy that has befallen the Iranian nation we only need to look at a passage from the great national epic of Iran written by Ferdowsi : the Shahnameh (Book of Kings) :
So the beloved of Ahriman [Satan = allah], Zahak the Serpent [Son of Satan = Khomeini], sat upon the throne of Iran, the kingdom of Light. And he continued to pile evil upon evil till the measure thereof was full to overflowing, and all the land cried out against him. But Zahak and his councilors, the Deevs [Grotesque monsters = officials of the Islamic Republic], shut ear unto this cry…vice stalked in daylight, but virtue was hidden. And despair filled all hearts, for it was as though mankind must perish to still the appetite of those snakes sprung from Evil, for daily were two men slaughtered to satisfy their desire. Neither had Zahak mercy upon any man. And darkness was spread over the land because of his wickedness.
May Iranians soon find courage to break the chains of Islamic domination and regain their country from the savages that have abused its name and persecuted the Iranian population in horrific ways!


Azarmehr said...

Interesting to read Khomeini was half British. Perhaps this is why British institutions continue to promote Islamic Republic:

Winston said...

Khomeini, a half Indian from Kashmir, was an evil man.

saggezard said...

Very interesting, I found a site ran by an apparent grandson of the Englishman. An inquiry or DNA testing could straighten Khomeini's roots.

Fatherland Almighty said...

Love this blog, Agha! Doorood bar shoma!