Monday, August 28, 2006

Manouchehr Mohammadi has escaped from the Islamic Republic!

There are unconfirmed reports that Manouchehr Mohammadi, the brother of murdered political activist Akbar Mohammadi, has escaped the Islamic Republic and is currently in the border-region with Iraq awaiting assistance for being transferred to the USA, where I hope he will join forces with his friend and political activist Amir-Abbas Fakhravar.

The last pieace of news I read on Manouchehr Mohammadi, was when he was given leave from prison to attend his brother's funeral.

I wish Manouchehr success and hope that together, we - the Iranian people - can form a strong and united front against the Islamic Republic occupying our homeland. If I receive or come across any further news regarding Manouchehr I will make sure to post it on here.



Winston said...

I hope this is true!

Anonymous said...

How is it possible that we're just hearing now that he escaped? The funeral was a while ago.
Well, I hope you're right and he escapes successfully.

Aryamehr said...

C.H. his attendance at his brothers funeral is the last time I heard of Manochehr, I don't have any information on what has happened after that date.

Anonymous said...

The funeral was for Akbar Mohammadi not manuchehr Mohammadi who is Akbar's brother who was imprisoned in Evin till this news surfaced.