Thursday, August 17, 2006

A Few Simple Shots - A Documentary on Human Rights Violations in Iran

A Few Simple Shots - A Documentary on Human Rights Violations in Iran

Internationally, much attention is given to the ongoing Iranian nuclear negotiations, but almost no attention is directed at the numerous human rights violations perpetrated against Iranian men, women, and young people by the mullahs.

A Few Simple Shots is a documentary film produced by an independent Canadian filmmaker. Despite its small production budget, it has received considerable attention. It provides detailed evidence of the systematic brutalization and torture of the Iranian people and portrays this brutality as the essence of the Iranian regime, not simply a technique to ensure its own survival.

Please visit the AEI (American Enterprise Institute) link and under the heading "Event Materials", to the right of the page, you will find a link to the video clip of the screening of this powerful documentary. The documentary covers only a small amount of human rights abuses that have taken place and still are taking place in Iran under the barbaric mullah regime that has held that country hostage for 27 years since their takeover in 1979.

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Winston said...

Hoder is gonna be on VOA and we must stop it


and tell them not to put him on VOA roundtable show plz

Aryamehr said...

Winston, find the post on Hoder's blog where he compares our late hero Akbar Mohammadi to Guantanamo Bay terrorists and include it in you message - i'm going to do it right away; this anti-Iranian bastard cannot continue his activities un-disturbed like this.

Aryamehr said...

Winston, here is a copy of my email to Mr Baharloo on VOA:


Dear Mr Baharloo,

Having received news that Hossein Derakhshan aka "Hoder" will be participating in your programme obliges me to inform you of some information regarding this individual. I am not for "silencing" people but I do believe that you as a respectable journalist should have all the information and background on the people that you decide to invite to your highly respected and watched programme. If I may, I would like to ask of you to read this account on "Hoder" by Potkin Azarmehr (another blogger) which won't take much of your time but which will add to your knowledge about whom you've decided to hold a dialouge with on your programme:

Amongst the many "negative" issues raised in this entry about the individual you are about to host on your programme, what is important to note is his recent shameless comments comparing our lost freedom fighter, Akbar Mohammadi, to Guantanamo Bay terrorists!

Mr Baharloo, I ask of you to know who you are talking to and to raise these issues for "Hoder" to address. Personally I do not see him as anything more than what Mr Azarmehr put as:

"He reminded me of the old generation Iranian "intellectuals", the Ali Shariati types. Kids who were brought up in rich Iranian traditional Bazaari religious families, who for the most part of their lives were denied a window to culture and reading, then suddenly at some stage they got an opportunity to read a couple of books and then it wasn't long before they considered themselves an intellectual of the highest levels."

Mr Baharloo, I have a great deal of respect for you and your programme and I hope that you do not let those who dishonor the memories of noble men like Akbar Mohammadi, whose life was taken away by the Islamic Republic a few weeks ago, off the hook that easily.

The "west" divides the Islamic Republic into two camps "reformist" and "conservatives", but I hope that we as Iranians have come to realize (after 27 years) that this is but a show masterfully performed by the Islamic Republic to keep Iranians busy believing this system can change - which it cannot. These two factions work hand in hand behind the scenes in consolidating the power of the Islamic Republic and as we know "Hoder" is a tool of the so-called "reformist" faction of the Islamic Republic.

Mr Baharloo, Hossein Derakhsan considers Ayatollah Shahroudi, the (Iraqi) head of the Islamic Republic judiciary and an infamous killer as "the only remaining reformer in Iran". That is a direct quote by "Hoder" which you can find on his english weblog:

Mr Baharloo, forgive me for taking your time but I felt that it was necessary for me to write this email to you. It is important to note that I am not alone in my views regarding Hossein Derakshan and his activities.

In conclusion I would like to wish you all the best, and in hope that one day (very soon) you can return and serve your country in the way that you do so very well.

Respectfully yours,


My Blog:

Aryamehr said...

I've received a positive response from Mr Baharloo.

Winston, although we do not agree with "Hoder" or his despicable activities that only serve the Islamic Republic's interests we cannot "censor" people. What we can do though is inform people of the activities of these individuals which is exactly what we have done in this case.

Mr Baharloo has been informed on "Hoder's" background and I urge others who have more information on him to send it to Mr Baharloo - this way he will know who he is facing/interviewing.

Chester said...

Good for you, Aryamehr!

Aryamehr said...

It's unfortunate that Mr Baharloo did not raise our concerns in his programme which could have been due to the short notice and all. But to be fair on Mr Baharloo the programme was focused on one thing and that is the recent clamp down on satellite dishes and perhaps Mr Baharloo did not deem it appropriate to bring up a whole different topic....

Azarmehr said...

Oh come on Aryamehr, Baharloo could have at least questioned Hoder on his pathetic suggestion of getting a fatwa from one of the Grand Ayatollahs to say weblogs are private property!

Or at least he didnt have to do Hossein joon Hossein joon all the time!

Aryamehr said...

Potkin-jaan, you are absolutely right about that. I'm going to forward your/our criticism as soon as I get some time. Mr Baharloo just seems to nice of a person when it comes to dealing with people like "Hoder".

Azarmehr said...

That may be, but right now its not lovey dovey and 'nice with everyone' people that we need. After 27 years of theocracy in Iran what we need is clarity. People must be properly informed who is on the side of the mullahs and wants this regime's life prolonged and who wants peace, prosperity and freedom for Iran.
While there are TV stations like Al-Alam, Al-Menar, Aljazeera and lots of other Al-something stations poisoning the minds of the youth in the Middle East, VOAs and Radio Fardas should not operate in this way.
By the way, Hoder states in his lates post that the Islamic Republic of Iran not only should have nuclear energy but also Nuclear weapons.
Hoder is getting clearer as to where he comes from by the day, and so should Baharloo and others like him.

Aryamehr said...

Potkin-jaan, i'm forwarding you the email I just sent off to Mr Baharloo before reading your comments.

Winston said...


I'd like your feedback