Friday, August 25, 2006

Hear the cries of murdered student/political activist Akbar Mohammadi's mother!

This is for the Iranian Nation to hear the cries of this "shirzane irani" whose son, Akbar Mohammadi, was tortured and ultimately murdered by the Islamic Republic occupying Iran.
The Mohammadi family come from the northern province of Mazandaran; their second son Manochehr - who was arrested during the 1999 studen uprisings - is still being held at the infamous Evin prison.

The situation for the thousands of political prisoners in Iran is grave. The wife of Ahmad Batebi - another freedom fighting student detained by the Islamic Republic - has told the media that she has not talked to her husband for weeks now and that the government is not responding to her pleas to know of his wherabouts or health (which was already very poor, due to torture, when she was last able to visit him). You can hear a recent interview with her HERE.

There are no words that can express my feelings regarding the cries of Akbar Mohammadi's mother. No comments should be needed on this clip- only actions.

To stay silent in face of tyranny is a crime itself.


Akbar Mohammadi - by SOS Iran
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Another clip dedicated to Akbar Mohammadi:



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