Sunday, May 27, 2012

Zia Atabay interviews Shahbanou Farah Pahlavi

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Anonymous said...

Hi Shahbanou Farah Diba
I am an Iranian living in London UK since 1978 a year before I.R.R
I just want to say this recently I like other Iranian national living in abroad or in deed in Iran have thought there must be an alternative to the present brutal regime.
I like millions of other Iranian are following yours and your son's interviews.
I personally like you as a family regardless of who you are(Royals).
I think you are very decent and honorable and most importantly human.
I just want to say this Prince Reza will only succeed in his mission if he follows the late Bakhteiar's path.
I have great respect and admiration
for this man to date.
If only the late shah had brought him in couple of years before the I.R.R. But as you said it so many times its too late for ifs and buts.
I really do hope something will happen soon to save the nation from civil liberty and human rights before it is too late.
I am not a political person but I LOVE MY IRAN and I LOVE MY PEOPLE.
I hate oppression,injustice and dictatorship.
I only pray to god that one day we will all celebrate the freedom in our dear Iran.

Kindest regards,

PS. if you want to reply to me,please email me.