Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Soroode Tajikan

Beautiful Tajik anthem:

I hope that once the Islamist Occupation in Iran comes to an end and an Iranian Government is formed that extensive programs are developed to bring Iranians in Iran and our compatriots in Tajikestan closer to each other. Although I've never been to Tajikestan nor met an Iranian Tajik I still feel a close bond to this people and country who once used to be connected to the motherland (Iran/"Persia"). For my non-Iranian readers, Tajiks are Indo-Europeans and an Iranic people who practice Iranian customs and who speak the persian language. I look forward to the day when I will have to opportunity to visit this beautiful country and people.

Dorood bar Tajikestan! Dorood bar baradaran va khaharane Tajik!

Payandeh Iran-Zamin!


Anonymous said...

Dorood Aryamehr,

I would like you to know that, all Tajiks (Tajik-Parsa), admire our Pars blood, language, heritage, history, culture and all that binds us. I hope in some near future, you will have a chance to visit Tajikistan and see beautiful people, culture, art, craft and everything that is Tajik-Parsa. Thank you.

Peroz bemand,


Azarmehr said...

I heard the Tajik president say to HAdad Adel, why don't you rename your country Palestine and let us call Tajikistan, Iran :)

Right now Tajikistan is more Iranian than Iran.

Aryamehr said...


Thanks for your kind comments. We'll have a drink/tea in Dushanbe someday ;)


LOL (laughing/crying at the same time) =) !!! What a bizarre situation our motherland finds herself in...but you are right about Tajiks and Tajikestan paying more respect to their Iranian roots than Iranians in Iran!

Anonymous said...


Of course, it's great to see our country bringinning brightness of our language, history, culture, craft and things like that back. However, there are many things that Tajikistan needs to accomplish. I strongly believe that we, Tajikistan-Iran-Afghanista, (where Parsa comprises most of the population), can achieve much better development and flourishment.


This article about the one of the major changes taking place in Tajikistan, which I thought you might find it interesting. Anyways, there are lots of things to do.

PS: Take a look at this web-page, too.

Seepas va sarfaraz bemaned,


Aryamehr said...


Thanks for the link. I was aware of this name change by the President and it's indeed a step in the right direction. Two years ago the Tajik President even declared 2006 the Year of Aryan Culture which are commendable efforts in reviving and preserving our roots. On the other hand I am also aware that there are many economic/political problems in Tajikestan such as unemployment, poverty, political freedoms etc and the government does not seem to be addressing these issues seriously enough. Despite this though I believe the country is moving in the right direction - what is your judgment on the direction of the country at this point?

Anonymous said...

Dorood Aryamehr-jAn,

Thank you for your quick reply and a good question, too.

Regarding Tajikistan's role in this new era, I also think it is in the right way. However, as was mentioned, there are lots of economic/political/social issues that every country needs to solve, especially countries like Tajikistan.

Yes, there was really good celebration of the Year of Aryan Culture, virtually in every corner of Tajikistan. Despite the great economic challenges that Tajikistan faces for the time being, it is important to NOT forget our roots and reviving them. I think no matter what the obstacles Tajikistan will face, whether be it political or economic, it should always have the the right direction.

I am down the line with you, regarding Tajikistan's direction, however, democracy, prosperity and economic development shall be the country's priority. Culture, literature, and history, all are the foremost.

By the way, we will definately get a chance to have a tea in Dushanbe and other parts of Tajikistan. Do you want to get a sense of Tajik-Parsa friendship and talk, visit: http://www.tajikam.com

Perooz bemaned,


D said...

Dorud Aryamehr,

Thank you so much for your wonderful posting about Tajikistan. Keep it up mate. Dorud bar Iranzamin!

ur Tajik/Persian brother

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reza vahab said...

aryamehr jan ba dorud!
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Aryamehr said...

dorood reza-jan,

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