Sunday, January 20, 2008

Begur shodan Hossein Taazi shaadbad bar tamame Iranian!

Begur shodan Hossein tazi, in zanbaz, lake nangin, khodazari ke khod va khanevade nanginash angizeh koshtar hezaran irani shodand bar hame iraninan kheradandish shad bad. Bar in bavaram ke ma Iraniha bayeste ast dar chenin ruzhai be shadi va paykubi hamrah ba mey nushi be jashn va sorur bepardazim.

Payande Irane Bozorg

Bar afrashte bad derafshe sorkh, zard va benafshe Kaviyani.

from: "Persian-Simorgh"

For non-persian speakers/readers:

This month marks the tenth day in the Islamic month of Moharram in which Hussein ibn Ali, the grandson of the Arab Prophet Mohammed and son of the Islamic Imam Ali, was slain by Sunni muslim in the Iraqi town of Karbala. Shiites believe that Hussein was the rightful successor of Mohammed and thus the "third Imam". Followers of the Islamic Caliph at the time (Yazid) put an end to Hossein's life after he refused to recognize the Caliph's authority. All of these Islamic figures where involved in the killing of tens of thousands of Iranians in their Jihad to Islamize the world - especially the psycopath Ali who is referred to as "dog-killer" by Iranians after going on rampages killing dogs (dogs are considered unclean in Islam) and also because of his genocide of Iranians which many Iranians are not even aware of because of Islamic propaganda and brainwashing over hundreds of years! During the Arabo-Muslim occupation of Iran, and after quelling all Iranian resistance to this occupation and destroying Iranian centres of learning, the muslim clergy proceeded to convert Iranians to Islam through various means of intimidation which included heavy taxes on non-Muslims, death if they didn't pay taxes and other such means. Since there was no hope for any resistance most Iranians converted to Islam - although at first it was only a tactical step to regain some of their human rights and not be treated as sub-humans by the Arabo-Muslim occupiers. However as time passed the Muslim clergy's propaganda efforts over hundreds of years led to Iranians astonishingly revering their past killers and occupiers as saints and imams! This is something bizarre to any Iranian which is aware of the history behind Islam's introduction to Iran.

In the month of Ashura shiite muslims (those who supported Hussein) mourn his death by self-flaggelating their bodies with chains and cutting themselves with knives and other sharp objects making their bodies bleed in an act that is supposed to represent the torturous way in which Hussein died. Anyone who has seen these mourners cannot help but think of savage and primitive tribes in some far-flung places. Children are often taken advantage of in these "celebrations" with relatives cutting the child's head with a sharp razor. Although these savage practices are rare in Iran, such things as chest-thumping, hitting themselves on the head, and self-inflicting pain through the use of chains is common amongst the hardcore believers.

The above comment in persian is by an Iranian compatriot who extends best wishes to Iranians on the death of one of societies biggest murderers - especially since this offspring is the offspring of the originator of many of Iran's societal problems today - namely Mohammed the Arab. The time to stay silent in face of lies and atrocities has passed and no Muslim should silence voices of freedom, democracy and reason. I join the originator of this quote in calling Iranians to research their history and roots and to leave the maze of death, hatred, backwardedness, mourning for past criminals and a thousand other ills which they have been confined to for over 1400 years.


Winston said...

fekr konam barat hokme marg sader beshe... LOOOOL.

kheili bahal bood

Aryamehr said...

lol! winston-jAn the persian in this quote is much better than anything I can come up with myself (it's a quote from a compatriot that is on orkut) but nonetheless I fully support it - otherwise I wouldn't have posted it here =)

Noentheless, begur shodane Hossein Taazi bar toam shaad baad migoyam ;)

Winston said...

you should've explained a bit in English for your foreign reader and why you're angry at these people.

Sohrab said...

Truly: LOL!

In behtarin javab be in farhang mazokhisti-ye "imam" hossein ke keshvaramoono gerogan gerefte.

I always get so angry when I remember as a child in Iranian schools I was forced to hit myself on the head, to act like I was miserable over a 1300-year-old "tragedy" that I did not identify with at all. And to see them indoctrinate another generation of Iran's children into this bizzare culture makes me even angrier.

Aryamehr said...

Winston-jAn I added an english commentary to the original post.

Anonymous said...

Vaghean iraniha koja boodan o be koja residan???
Aghaye arymehr ke fekr mikoni khaily irani hasty, midooni ke iraniahai ro ke tarafdar hasty hichvaght be yek ensane dige injoory tohin nemikonan?? midoni ke baraye bavarhaye digaran arzesh ghael hastan?? midooni ke mokhalefe doshmani hastaan. pas inhame GOFTARE NIK, KERDARE NIK , PEDNDARE NIK hamash shoare??
Two wrong dont make a right!!
I feel sorry for my self and others like me that suffer because of people like you!

Aryamehr said...


You are right on two points:

1) "where iranians were and were they are today" (We were a progressive, respected, prospering nation turned into a terrorist islamic haven with islamic thought infesting throughout society)

2) "you feeling sorry for yourself" (i'd feel sorry to if i was you)

But that's it. You bring up the principles that Iranians live by "Goftare Nik, Kerdare Nik, Pendare Nik" and say my posts go against this principle but I think you've taken these principles a bit too naively. The principle of "Good words, Good deeds, Good thoughts" does not mean shut up and tolerate everybody, as muslims such as yourself would like. Not at all, instead these principles compel Iranians to stand up against the oppression of your Islamic Government (Good Deeds) and to promote "good words/thoughts" by dispelling lies spread by evildoers (Islamists and other "Iransoozan"). So please spare me the your disgusting and pathetic comments of "suffering" because of people like me who seek to enlighten Iranians to the truth. If anyone has suffered it is Iranians under the hands of Islam and Muslims. So please next time put some more consideration into your naive and misguided approach in trying to criticize me.

Aryamehr said...

spect! the more I think of your comment the more amazed I am by your shamelessness! for 1400 years you've beheaded, maimed, hung, shot, executed, terrorized, segregated, and oppressed Iranians through your Islamic clergy and ideology and now that Iranians are standing up to this injustice and the lies you've fed them you are crying foul!? God have mercy on you!!!

Fatherland Almighty said...

I wish Israel would have been more merciless against Hezbollah in 2006. You religious zombies have done NOTHING but make the entire region backwards, primitive, and created enemies with every country it's a bad idea to be enemies with. Because of some goddamn book of MYTHS! Shame on you! Look at how well a secular Turkey and Dubai function. People actually WANT to visit these places and don't have to cover themselves in tablecloths and be afraid for their safety.