Friday, October 19, 2007

Lady Liberty meets Derafsh Kaviani

On Monday 15 Oct 2007 Lady Liberty in New York City met a similar Iranian symbol, the Derafshe Kaviani, or Royal Standard of the Sassanid Emperors. The Kaviani Standard is a symbolic representation for Iranian independence and resistance against foreign tyranny.

The story behind the Kaviani Standard has its roots in Iranian mythology and ancient history:

The name Derafš-e Kāvīān (Modern Persian: Derafš Kāvīāni درفش كاويانى) means "the standard of the kay(s)" (i.e., kavis "kings") or "of Kāva."[1] The latter meaning is an identification with an Iranian legend in which the Derafš-e Kāvīān was the standard of a mythological blacksmith-turned-hero named Kāva (Modern Persian: Kāveh), who led a popular uprising against the foreign demon-like ruler Dahāg (Modern Persian: Zahhāk). Recalling the Sassanid-era legend, the 10th century epic Shāhnāma recasts Zahhak as an evil and tyrannical Arab, against whom Kāveh called the people to arms, using the blacksmith's leather apron on a spear as a standard. In the story, after the war that called for the kingship of Fereydun (Middle Persian: Frēdōn) had been won, the people decorated the apron with jewels and the flag became the symbol of Iranian independence and resistance towards foreign tyranny.

By the late Sassanid era (224-651), a real Derafš-e Kāvīān had emerged as the standard of the Sassanid dynasts. It was thus also representative of the Sassanid state - Ērānshāhr, the "Kingdom of Iran" - and may so be considered to have been the first "national flag" of Iran. The banner consisted of a star (the akotar) on a purple field, was encrusted with jewels and had trailing red, gold and purple streamers on its edges. The term akotar was significant since the star also represented "fortune", and the capture and destruction of the banner on a field of battle implied the loss of the battle (and hence the loss of fortune).[2] Following the defeat of the Sassanids at the Battle of al-Qādisiyyah, the Sassanid standard was recovered by one Zerar bin Kattab,[1] who received 30,000 dinars for it. After the jewels were removed the caliph Omar is said to have burned the standard.[1]

It's with this in mind that the Assembly of Iranian Cultural Renaissance launched a symbolic operation of flying this ancient Iranian banner over the Statue of Liberty and the UN Headquarters, as it represents the Iranian nation's struggle for independence and resistance against foreign tyranny - in this case the terrorist Islamic Republic which has occupied Iran for 28 years and oppressed its people with the foreign and anti-Iranian ideology of Islam.

The press release for this event read:

The Statue of Liberty in New York will on Monday October 15, 2007, proudly look on as Iran’s ancient flag of Kings, Derafshe Kaviani, flies overhead to signal the revolt of Iranians of every country, language, and religion against Iran’s repressive Islamist regime of Mullahs. The 25 x 25 foot Derafshe Kaviani will fly along Long Island, over the United Nations, and circle New York Harbor and the Statue of Liberty. The flight is timed to coincide with the ancient Iranian festival of Mehregan, the fall festival that also celebrates an ancient victory over oppression at which this flag was unfurled.

The flag of the Kings, Derafshe Kaviani remains an important motif in Iranian art and culture, although its meaning has been repressed by the current regime. We raise this flag now to call on Iranians to renew their pride in their ancient culture and to rise once more, as their ancestors rose against legendary demons and conquerors, to establish an Iranian nation that is truly free.
Derafshe Kaviani was first raised, according to legend, against the Satanic, evil dragon demon Zahak. In Iran’s national epic, Shahnameh Ferdowsi, the demon has become an oppressive Arab ruler. Kaveh Ahangar, the legendary blacksmith rallied the people against him, using his spear and leather apron to remake the ancient flag and lead the people to victory.

Assembly of Iranian Cultural Renaissance

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  • To view the website of the "Assembly of Iranian Cultural Renaissance" click HERE.
The Kaviani Standard has been unveiled in many symbolic acts of protests in past years - here's one where it was unfurled on top of the Arc de Triumph in Paris - click HERE. Similar actions have taken place outside the EU Parliament in Brussels and the International Criminal Court in the Hague and elsewhere across the world.

A comment by an Iranian regarding this event:

Derafshe Kaviani is our flag. It was the flag our Persian army, our pride and our identity. Those behind this beautiful act are real Iranians, real sons of Cyrus, Darius, Yazdgerd and Nikbanou, Irandokht. Our Persian ancestors were the envy of others, for their sofistication, culture and love. I'm proud of being their descendant. However, my country Iran was invaded by the dirtiest and lowest of the low, the Arabs. Who literally raped and destroyed our beautiful culture. I'm against their descendants in Iran, not elsewhere. Against their diffrent ramifications, Seyyeds, Hezbolahi, akhoond and many others who 'by default' hate Persians and hate our pre-islamic heritage. That's why some of you hate Drafshe Kaviani, hate our real calendar, hate our Persian and Iranians customs and culture. You descendants of the arab muhamad, ali the killer, hussain the jackass, you descendants of the lizard eaters of desert grab your crap and leave Iran, 'before' its our turn to take action.

Get this staright: Islam doesn't belong to Iran, your damn reza, hasan and hussain and fatemeh, belong to arab lands. Iran belongs to real Iranians, not the low-class garbage descendants of Arabs and Moghols. Iran belongs to: Ferdowsi, Babak Khorramdin, Yazdgerd, Sanbad, Nikbanou, Khosro, Cyrus, Xerxes, Pirooz, Rostam Farrokhzad, and to all other real Iranians.

You don't belong to Iran. We'll kick you OUT of our dear Iran. Damn Arabzadegane maflook.

Long live Derafshe Kaviani

Long live Iran


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Dorood bar Iranian rastin. Dorood bar mobarezaneh raheh azadi, dorood bar jaan bakhteganeh raheh azadi, dorood bar in site ke in posting ra gozasheh. Brafrashte baad Drafsheh Kaviani. Payandeh IRAN.

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Long live secular Iran. Cheers from Israel,

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What you really need to be asking is, can Islam tolerate a female messiah where Muhammad is expected. Islamic religion teaches non-tolerance. Are you willing to accept that Muhammad is not coming, neither is Jesus, rather a female has come for the entire human race? If not, then that is why the Masons (US government) intend to enter Iran next. If so, then speak up for your country.