Sunday, October 28, 2007

Cyrus the Great Day

October 29, the “Cyrus the Great Day” And the anniversary of his issuing the first declaration of human rights

Twenty five centuries ago, when savagery was the dominant factor in human societies, a civilized and compassionate declaration was written on clay and issued to the “four corners of the world” that dealt with important issues relevant to the rights of humans, the same issues that not only in those days but even today can inspire those who believe in human dignity and rights.

This document, known as “The Declaration of Cyrus the Great,” emphasized on the removal of all racial, national discrimination and slavery, bestowing to the people, freedom to choose their places of residence, faith and religion and giving prominence to the perpetual peace amongst the nations. This Declaration could actually be considered as a present from the Iranian people, expressed through the words of Cyrus, their political leader and the founder of the first empire in the world, to the whole humanity. In 1971, the general assembly of the United Nations recognized it as the first Declaration of Human Rights, thus, registering such an honor to the name of Iran as the cradle of this first historical attempt to establish the recognition of human rights.

Unfortunately, today, Iran is considered a country whose people are deprived of the very rights that were discovered, articulated and expressed by themselves. The body that holds the state apparatus in Iran not only does not recognize such “rights,” but has done much (intentional and/or unintentional) harm to the mausoleum of Cyrus the Great in Pasargad plains – the very monument that has been registered by UNESCO as a human heritage and a “shrine,” causing its immanent destruction in the future.

The International Committee to Save Pasargad that was shaped three years ago by a large number of people who appreciate national and world heritages, would like to use the opportunity of Cyrus’s Day to extend its best and warmest greetings for the occasion and repeat its plea to all those who appreciate the importance of Human Rights and its historical symbol in the shape of Cyrus’s mausoleum, to put maximum pressure on United Nations, and especially UNESCO, to use their utmost effective endeavors to save this invaluable treasure of human civilization.

With regard and best wishes,

The International Committee to Save Pasargad

October 2007



AstroJew said...

As far as I remember, Cyrus was the one who allowed the Jews to rebuild their Temple at Jerusalem and restored their rights. It wouldn't harm Ahmadinejad to learn some tolerance from him.

Aryamehr said...

Iranians respect their country's rich heritage and cultural practices whereas the likes of AhmadiNejad try to impose a FOREIGN culture and ideology which is in strict contradiction with the former - therefore inherent Iranian concepts such as nobility or compassion should not be expected from them. As Iranians we can relate to the Israeli people who suffer daily from Arabo-Muslim attacks although our dilemma has been far more extensive/damaging as it has targeted our cultural values which is one of the most sacred things a community of people posses to distinguish themselves with.

Astrojew,we (Iranians) take pride in the compassion shown towards the Jews by Cyrus the Great; that is not to say though that as our nation is undergoing one of its most crucial/painful periods in history we are perplexed whether the Jewish nation will now come to our? Not in the form of an armed conflict but through moral, political, and economic support.

As for AhmadiNejad, he is a hostage-taking Muslim terrorist who does not accept the concept of nationhood as it would be against the Islamic goal of creating an "Islamic ummah" or "Islamic world" where there is no distinction between nationhood. As far as Iranians are concerned he is not recognized as an Iranian.

Seperating these "soldiers of allah" from the Iranian people is a pre-requisite for change in Iran which must come in the form of moral, economical and political support towards the Iranian people who are at the forefront in the struggle against the Islamic regime - i.e. the students, workers, teachers, academics, and opposition parties that uphold democratic values and the rule of law etc.

reza said...

Iran's gone through many rough periods in the past and its identity has been destroyed or reshaped many times, with events like the Mongol and Arab invasions (though I personally don't see Islam as a minus here).

This time, Iran's is being damaged by Iranians who hold the sword of religion and dogma and swing at their own countrymen to gain political and social power. I find it very interesting that these days, Iran finds itself at odds with the Christian West, but has close ties with the communist East, like China and Russia. Aparently God matters only when you don't need your friends for money or weapons.

Anonymous said...

Fine to find this site.
Good luck Iran, we are not with Americans but not even with terrorist.
We love people with the right respect of God without to be stupid.
Have a nice day