Thursday, January 21, 2010

Iranian women during the Pahlavi Era (pre-1979)

This short clip highglights the advances and progress of Iranian women during the Pahlavi Era. After the 1st Arabo-Islamic Occupation of Iran, Iranian women were degraded to a sub-human level by the Arabo-Muslim occupiers and confined to living under the veil. In 1936 Reza Shah the Great (1st Pahlavi Emperor) freed Iranian women from Islamic bondage by once and for all getting rid of the oppressive islamic covering which they had been confined to live under ("chador" literally means "tent"). Iranian women were practically present and contributing towards the nation's progress and prosperity in all sectors of society - education, industry, business all the way to the Imperial Armed Forces. Iranian women's rightful place in society - as equal citizens - was re-established by the Pahlavi Emperor's, as it once had been in the pre-Islamic Persian Empire when for example several Empresses had once ruled the Empire. Unfortunately all the advancements Iranian women gained under the Pahlavi Era were all lost with the coming of the 2nd Arabo-Muslim Occupation of Iran in 1979-Present, during which Iranian women are once again treated as second class citizens stripped of their human rights and dignity. This should not go withouth saying that today Iranian women are spearheading the Iranian freedom/democracy movement to liberate their country from this hell-sent Islamic Republic and its terrorist leaders.

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