Sunday, September 20, 2009

Anti-Regime Demonstrations on Islamic Repiublic's "Jerusalem Day"

On 20 September (2009) Iranians and friends of Iranians in Stockholm, Sweden, gathered in centre of the Swedish capital to stage a counter-protest against the annual "Jerusalem Day" which is staged worldwide by the terrorist Islamic Republic and its supporters in support of Palestinians and Hezbollah. The "Jerusalem Day" demonstrations outside Iran are staged predominantly by arab muslims who support the Islamic Republic's terror over the Iranian population, and in the UK in particular also has the support of many leftist organisations. The tiny group of arab "Jerusalem Day" demonstrators in Stockholm was met by a steadfast Iranian counter-response with slogans including:

"Death to Hezbollah!"
"Death to the Islamic Republic!"
"Death to Russia!" (a steadfast supporter of the Islamic Republic)
"No to Palestine! No to Lebanon! I will give my life for Iran!"
"Get lost murderers!"
"Shut up murderers!"
"Khameini (the Islamic Republic's Supreme Leader) is a murderer!"

Across Iran on the state-staged "Jerusalem Day" demonstrations Iranians also took the opportunity to stage their counter-demonstrations against the terrorist Islamic Republic's official demonstrations - millions of Iranians across Iran turned out to express their rejection of the terrorist Islamic Republic and their "Jerusalem Day" - instead of the Islamic Republic's slogans of "Death to Israel! Death to the USA!", Iranians responded with the following slogans:

"Death to Russia!"
"Death to China!"
"Death to Dictators!" (indirect reference to the Islamic Republic leadership)
"Death to You!" (indirect reference to AhmadiNejad and Ali Khameini the Islamic Republic's Supreme Leader)
"No to Gaza (Palestine)! No to Lebanon! I will give my life for Iran!"
"Today is Iran Day!"
"State Broadcasting is the shame of the nation!"
"Dictator! Dictator! This is our last warning! We are ready to rise up!"
"Don't be afraid! Don't be afraid! We are all together!"

In the following photo from Tehran you can see Iranians holding state provided banners with "Death to Israel" on them however in clear rejection of the terrorist islamic regime the demonstrators have crossed out Israel and replaced it with "Russia", "China", and "Hugo Chavez" (major backers of the mullah's)!

In the following video you can witness a gang of "basiji's" (religious zealot thugs working for the regime who roam the streets with knives, daggers, clubs, chains, and pistols!) attacking Iranian anti-regime demonstrators however as these gather strength they start fleeing! At least one of the "basiji's" motorbikes is set on fire and towards the end of the clip the Islamic Republic's security forces have arrived to the scene and have shot rounds of tear gas into the crowd, hence the abrupt end to the clip.

More clips from the Islamic Republic "Jerusalem Day" which Iranians turned into "Iran Day":

This is an amusing clip. The Islamic Republic "Jerusalem Day" organizer, on top of a truck, is using a megaphone to chant officials slogans of "Death to Israel and Death to Russia" however the crowd is not repeating the slogans but are replying with "Death to Russia" (one of the Islamic Republic's main supporters)! And when the organizer chants "Death to anti-Islamic Republic supporters!" the crowd chants back "Death to Dictator!" :)

In this clip a Hezbollah banner is brought down with the crowd chanting "burn it!"


Anonymous said...

Arab Muslims do not support the oppression of the Iranian people by the Iranian regime. We stand with our Iranian brothers and sisters in their quest for freedom and justice from these criminals who have misused religion to suppress their people.

Benyamin Solomon said...

This post is great news. It shows how the terroristic Nazi-like Islamic Republic is crumbling, as the people in Iran had it and are voicing their anger at the Nazi-like Mullahs and Ayatollahs in Iran's terror regime.