Tuesday, February 10, 2009


This recommended page monitors international companies that do business with the terrorist occupational Islamic establishment in Iran. It's aim is to put pressure on these businesses and the terrorist Islamic Republic by bringing these relationships into the public eye. These companies are aiding an illegitimate TERRORIST regime through the lucrative deals which they conduct and their business dealings must be exposed for the public to judge.

Their mission purpose as stated on their page reads:

"Welcome to United Against Nuclear Iran’s (UANI) Iranian Business Registry (IBR), a running database of reputable media and academic reports of international business in Iran. Iran is uniquely susceptible to financial pressure and we hope the IBR can educate investors, policymakers, and other individuals on companies reported to have been doing business in Iran. If you have further reputable reports of international business activity in Iran or have questions regarding any of the reports, please feel free to contact UANI - we welcome all input."
Iranian Business Registry (IBR)

Given that the website is named "united against nuclear iran" I would like to clarify my position vis a vis this issue. My position on nuclear technology in Iran is that I fully support Iran's right to have nuclear energy as an alternative energy source and in terms of its military use that is something which I believe a responsible Iranian government has the right to have if deemed necessary for DEFENSIVE purposes - in the same light that countries like Israel, U.S.A, Russia, India, Pakistan etc have their own. What I am fully against and opposed to though is a TERRORIST, RECKLESS, SAVAGE, INHUMANE regime, like the Islamic Republic occupying Iran, having access to any nuclear technology which in their hands WILL endanger Iranian lives! I believe my stance represents the majority of freedom-loving patriotic Iranians.

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