Sunday, December 02, 2007

Iranian woman being arrested by Muslim mercenaries

Video showing how chador-clad Muslim's arrest an Iranian girl on the grounds of "violating the imposed Islamic dress code". The notorious state organization that these criminal Muslim women belong to is the "Zeinab Sisters Brigade" which is a terrorist female-only-organization concerned with up-keeping Islamic value and whose primary target is Iranian women who dare to resist in what may seem the most insignificant gestures (such as pulling their headscarfs back slightly more revealing part of their hair or wearing tight overcoats etc). The Muslim women that are members of this organization are referred to by Iranians as "Fati Kommando's" which translated into english reads "Commando's of Fatameh" - Fatameh is the daughter of the Arabo-Muslim Prophet Mohammed whose backwardnesses, violent, and savage behaviour seems to have rubbed off on his offspring. There are many derogatory terms that Iranians use to label these creatures - apart from "Fati Komando's" there is also "Khaharane Zeinab" ( = Sisters of Zeinab) that is commonly used.

In this video the young Iranian lady asks the chador-clad (the black cloth that Muslim women wear) Muslim's who have surrounded her to show their ID badges so that they can be identified. The Muslim women ignore the request and tell her to be quiet and get in the car. At this point the Iranian woman begins to scream and plead to the crowd that has gathered to help her - however struck by the fear that the occupational Islamic Republic and its mercenary forces have instilled in the minds of Iranians the crowd feels helpless; all you can hear are whispers to "let her be", "let her go". This has not been the case in other recent cases where the crowd has actually intervened to save a young woman's life. The woman is eventually thrown into a police car by force. The car swiftly leaves the scene. These kind of abductions of Iranian women takes place daily by the occupational Islamic Republic.

Please spread and distribute this video-clip to wider audiences for them to witness what these savages are doing to the Iranian population resisting Islamic domination. The days of Islam, its adherents, and offspring are numbered in Iran. Iran will only be able to prosper once this historical misfortune that was imposed on our nation (Islam) is completely uprooted and disposed of into the waste bin of history.

More power to the Iranian people resisting this 2nd Arabo-Muslim Occupation in the history of Iranian nationhood.


Winston said...

It's awful!

Azarmehr said...

Her cries for HELP go right through me. How can people just stand still and not say anything apart from some faint whispers of "let her go"?
When will this rule by fear be over and our people gain their confidence again?

Anonymous said...

So sad. My heart goes out to you all in Iran. May God help you out of your troubles!
Just a USA guy.