Monday, December 10, 2007

Tehran University - Student Demonstration

On Sunday up to 1500 Iranian students from Tehran University staged a demonstration against the occupational Islamic Republic.
The students broke through the university gates, that the Islamist security forces had sealed, inviting ordinary people to join their demonstration.
Chants that were heard included: "Death to the Dictator!", "Referendum is our right!", "Referendum is what the nation wants!", "Political prisoners must be freed!".

The students movement is alive and will remain so until the day this savage Islamic Republic is overthrown and a democratic referendum is held to determine the future of the nation. More power to the students movement and all democratic forces that oppose the terrorist Islamic Republic.

Winston's entry on Student Protests


Anonymous said...

We can only hope that the students stay vigilant.

By the way my friend, I added you to my blogroll on my new blog. I've really enjoyed reading yours and I hope you will visit mine often!

Aryamehr said...


Thanks for your support. I wish you all the best with the new blog (added it to my blog roll) and hope that we can both make valuable contributions to shedding some light on Iranian affaires. Keep in touch.