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Sunday, December 30, 2012

1974 Asian Games in Tehran


"The 7th Asian Games were held from September 1, 1974 to September 16, 1974 in Tehran, Iran. The Aryamehr sports complex was built for the Games. The Asian Games were hosted in the Middle East for the first time. Tehran, the capital of Iran, played host to 3,010 athletes coming from 25 countries/NOCs, the highest number of participants since the inception of the Games.

Fencing, gymnastics and women's basketball were added to the existing disciplines. In addition to use of state-of-the-art technology, from synthetic track to photo-finish cameras, the Games were known for strict security measures due to reported threats from the Palestinians and a Japanese militant sect. Politics also played a major role. The Arab nations, Pakistan, the People's Republic of China and North Korea refused to play with Israel in tennis, fencing, basketball and football. The Asian Games Federation conference, which was held ten months before the Games, decided to expel the Republic of China (Taiwan) from the games and accepted the entry of the People's Republic of China."

High jumper Teymour Ghiassi sets new Asian record at Tehran Asian Olympics, 1974. The Iranian Royal Family are also seen celebrating the victory.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

HIM Shahanshah Aryamehr - Interviews

HIM Shahanshah Aryamehr Oil price increases 1973: Press conference 1978: HIM Mohammad Reza Shah: "We don't make false promises in the elections. What we say to our people is exactly what we can give them."

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Aryamehr Stadium - 1971

Gymnastic and military display in Teheran's new Olympic Stadium, built for the 1974 Asian games.

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Silent Majority - Pro Shah/Constitutionalists 1979

Pro Shah and Pro Constitutionalists gather in Amjadieh Stadium in Tehran in support of Prime Minister Shapour Bakhtiar’s government amidst the ever growing turmoil of the Islamist insurgency ("Islamic Revolution"). This vocal group from the silent majority dared to speak up in support of the Shah's last appointed government led by PM Shahpour Bakhtiar.

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Parade on Anniversary of the "White Revolution" - 1978

A year before western-instigated turmoil facilitated islamist and leftist terrorists to destabilize and seize control of the country and begin what has to date been a 32 year long reign of terror over Iranians.

(6 Bahman 2536)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Man Iranam

Anti-regime demonstrations and clashes with security forces are taking place in Iran today - marking the anniversary of the regime's crackdown on pro-freedom/democracy demonstrations last year. Large crowds are out in force in Tehran confronting the islamic regime's savage security forces.

(the clip below is a complilation of clips of what has taken place in the past year since the anti-regime demonstrations of June 2009).

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

More on Iranian pro-democracy, anti-regime demonstrations

Footage of two security forces' patrol cars deliberately MOWING PEOPLE DOWN in the streets:

An Iranian woman is run over and killed by the Islamic Republic's security forces:

Pro-democracy youth shot in the leg by the Islamic Republic's security forces:

Tehran University students carry-on pro-democracy demonstrations on-campus (this clip is from today):

The terrorist Islamic Republic's security forces attack peaceful pro-democracy demonstration (clip from Sunday 27 Dec)

Saturday, October 03, 2009

"Ey Iran"

A compatriot named "Damon", plays the true Iranian national anthem ("Ey Iran") on a rooftop in the Iranian capital Tehran.

I hope that soon, with the ending and defeat of the savage and anti-Iranian 2nd Arabo-Muslim occupation (in the shape of the Islamic Republic), the tunes of the Iranian national anthem will be played in all cities across Iran.

Until that day...

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Iran - July Update

Although the Islamic Republic's heavy security presence in cities across Iran seems to have temporarily ended the mass-demonstrations of previous weeks, under the surface the Iranian peoples' hatred for this occupational regime continues to gather force for another day. Sporadic clashes between smaller groups of anti-regime demonstrators and the regime's mercenary security forces continue to take place.

People defend themselves against the Islamic Republic's mercenary forces:

And a 10 year old boy shot dead by the Islamic Republic:

Friday, June 26, 2009

Monday, June 22, 2009

Unified Iranians repel the Islamic Republic's mercenary forces

When I watch the bravery of my compatriots working together against the Islamic Republic's mercenery forces it makes me feel good and proud to be Iranian.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Iranians take up arms against the occupational Islamic Republic

Iranians are starting to get armed in order to defend themselves and their compatriots against the savage security forces of the Islamic Republic. It's only a question of time when this will escalate and more and more people realize that they cannot fight bullets with their fists.

Reports from people on the scene state that numerous transport planes have landed in Iran filled with Basijis (brainwashed religious zelouts) from the Lebanese Hezbollah and Palestinian Hamas and Venezuelan anti-riot police (courtesy of AhmadiNejad's close friendship with the Hugo Chavez!). "The reason such forces are being brought in is that some of the Iranian police are unwilling to hit people as ordered and some are even joining the protesters" (Source #2)

Last night the natural gas line going into a Basij Headquarter, located in Eastern Tehran, was set on fire which consequently resulted in the building being blown up. The Basij had locked themselves in the building once they couldn't withstand the Iranian freedom fighters - at least 5 of these Basij animals were disposed of in this action. The below clip captures footage of the blown up building (at 0:05 you see the building going up in flares to the right of the screen):

Monday, July 07, 2008

18 Tir

Che kassi mikhad man o to ma nashaveem?! Khaanash viran shavad!!

Thursday, April 03, 2008

To the attention of the world community!

Please help us, the Iranian youth, to liberate ourselves from the chains of Islamic domination and oppression that has forcefully reigned in our motherland since the inception of the terrorist Islamic Republic in 1979! We the youth under 30 years of age constitute 70% of Iran's population and we deserve better! We have already lost many years of our lives under this barbaric Islamic regime!

We are sick and tired of having to live double-lives!
We are sick and tired of being treated as second-class citizens in our own country!
We are sick and tired of being imposed a foreign ideology and culture (islam/arab) upon us!
We are sick and tired of not being able to breath, think, exchange opinions, and to socialize as free human beings!
We are sick and tired of being associated with an illegal regime that doesn't represent us or the Iranian culture!
We are sick and tired of western governments trying to appease this barbaric regime by buying into the regime's deceptive game of "conservative" vs "reformists"!
We are sick and tired of seeing our cultural heritage sites being undermined and destroyed by these savages who don't have any respect for Iran's cultural heritage!

Help us help ourselves! and by so doing help you in eliminating the threat which this barbaric Islamic Republic poses to us and the free world! Give us your loud, clear, and concrete support!

Monday, March 03, 2008

Javid Shah!

I wanted to share these two clips with my viewers.

In this recent clip an Iranian woman fearlessly reaffirms her loyalty to the Iranian Monarchy by declaring "Long Live the King!" as she's walking down a street in Tehran (Iran). She also recounts a beautiful persian poem:

This second recent clip is from His Imperial Majesty the late Shahanshah of Iran's temporary resting place in Cairo (Egypt) - it brought tears to my eyes thinking what an ungrateful nation those who took to the streets in 1979 were...

Sunday, February 24, 2008

"Death to the Islamic Republic's security forces! We don't want an Islamic regime!"

Yesterday (Saturday Feb 24) a district of the Iranian capital Tehran called AriaShahr was the scene of a large protest action against the occupational Islamic Republic.

At around 7 PM in the evening the Islamic Republic's morality police was harassing an Iranian girl for not complying with the imposed islamic dress-code. The girl subsequently resisted arrest and was physically attacked by a number of security forces (yes it takes several muslim savages to restrain an Iranian woman). This scene prompted bystanders to intervene on behalf of the girl, and were successful in freeing her from the Islamic Republic's security forces. Patrol cars on the scene hurriedly left the scene as angry crowds began gathering, leaving behind one of their thugs who was taken care of by the crowd.

The two main chants clearly heard in the footage captured of the event were:

"We don't want an Islamic regime!" [persian: "hokomate eslaami nemikhaym"]
"Death to the Islamic Republic's security forces! " [persian: "marg bar nirooye entezami"]

More power to the people of AryaShahar and to all brave people of Iran who continue to defy the savage Islamic occupation of the motherland.

Shame on those foreign powers (EU, U.S., China, Russia) who continue to support the Islamic Republic and only offer empty words to the Iranian people. When Iran is free from this hell-sent regime the people of Iran will remember who stood by their side in their quest for freedom, liberty, and democracy.

Eslam nabood nashavad, Iran Iran nashavad!
Eslam nabood mishavad, Iran baaz Iran mishavad!

Saturday, February 02, 2008

2nd Islamic Takeover of Iran (1979-Present)

On 1 February 1979 the leader of the Islamic insurgency in Iran, Mullah Khomeini, was flown back to Iran on board an Air France flight. Upon circling the capital Tehran, which his illiterate, foreign, thuggish supporters had turned into a battle zone, the Mullah was asked by an accompanying reporter what his feelings were after years of exile - his short, ruthless, and heartless answer of "heech" (persian for "nothing") was to serve as a forecast to what he had in plan for Iran and Iranians. This is not surprising as his origins where non-Iranian in the first place. Mullah Khomeini's full name was "Ruhollah ibn Mustafa Musawi Khomeini Hindi", of which the last part means "the Indian". Historical accounts prove that his mother was of Kashmiri descent whereas his father was an Englishman who converted to Islam.

1 February onwards the guerilla warfare, demonstrations and spread of propaganda against the Iranian Government by leftist and islamist forces was increasingly intensified. On 12 February 1979 the Armed Forces acted upon advice by the Deputy-Commander-in-Chief of NATO, General Huyser, who had been sent by President Carter as an un-announced envoy to the country, by declaring their neutrality and ordered all military personnel back to their barracks; this in effect had broken one of the last hopes for saving Iran from what was to befall her and her people. There were several Iranian General's who opposed this move to declare neutrality since the matter concerned issues of national security, but with no effective leadership - as their Commander in Chief (the Shah of Iran) suffering from a malevolent form of cancer and not in a state of serving in a decision-making role - had departed the country to calm tension and seek treatment for his illness. Many of these military officials would later attempt to regain the country from the hands of the Islamists by launching an un-successful coup attempt (Nojeh Coup).

February 12 1979 is when the terrorist Islamic Republic occupying Iran celebrate their victory over the Iranian government and the creation of their terrorist system that has held Iran hostage for 29 years while persecuting and brutally crushing any dissent against their illegal rule. Their rule has been marked by physical and cultural genocide, hangings, stonings, amputations, torture, fundamentalism, oppression, gender apartheid, censorship, war, prostitution, poverty, corruption, terrorism and a hundred other ills. To describe the tragedy that has befallen the Iranian nation we only need to look at a passage from the great national epic of Iran written by Ferdowsi : the Shahnameh (Book of Kings) :
So the beloved of Ahriman [Satan = allah], Zahak the Serpent [Son of Satan = Khomeini], sat upon the throne of Iran, the kingdom of Light. And he continued to pile evil upon evil till the measure thereof was full to overflowing, and all the land cried out against him. But Zahak and his councilors, the Deevs [Grotesque monsters = officials of the Islamic Republic], shut ear unto this cry…vice stalked in daylight, but virtue was hidden. And despair filled all hearts, for it was as though mankind must perish to still the appetite of those snakes sprung from Evil, for daily were two men slaughtered to satisfy their desire. Neither had Zahak mercy upon any man. And darkness was spread over the land because of his wickedness.
May Iranians soon find courage to break the chains of Islamic domination and regain their country from the savages that have abused its name and persecuted the Iranian population in horrific ways!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Morghe Sahar

Ostad Shajarian performing a wonderful traditional Iranian folksong entitled "Morghe Sahar"; enjoy!

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Iranian woman being arrested by Muslim mercenaries

Video showing how chador-clad Muslim's arrest an Iranian girl on the grounds of "violating the imposed Islamic dress code". The notorious state organization that these criminal Muslim women belong to is the "Zeinab Sisters Brigade" which is a terrorist female-only-organization concerned with up-keeping Islamic value and whose primary target is Iranian women who dare to resist in what may seem the most insignificant gestures (such as pulling their headscarfs back slightly more revealing part of their hair or wearing tight overcoats etc). The Muslim women that are members of this organization are referred to by Iranians as "Fati Kommando's" which translated into english reads "Commando's of Fatameh" - Fatameh is the daughter of the Arabo-Muslim Prophet Mohammed whose backwardnesses, violent, and savage behaviour seems to have rubbed off on his offspring. There are many derogatory terms that Iranians use to label these creatures - apart from "Fati Komando's" there is also "Khaharane Zeinab" ( = Sisters of Zeinab) that is commonly used.

In this video the young Iranian lady asks the chador-clad (the black cloth that Muslim women wear) Muslim's who have surrounded her to show their ID badges so that they can be identified. The Muslim women ignore the request and tell her to be quiet and get in the car. At this point the Iranian woman begins to scream and plead to the crowd that has gathered to help her - however struck by the fear that the occupational Islamic Republic and its mercenary forces have instilled in the minds of Iranians the crowd feels helpless; all you can hear are whispers to "let her be", "let her go". This has not been the case in other recent cases where the crowd has actually intervened to save a young woman's life. The woman is eventually thrown into a police car by force. The car swiftly leaves the scene. These kind of abductions of Iranian women takes place daily by the occupational Islamic Republic.

Please spread and distribute this video-clip to wider audiences for them to witness what these savages are doing to the Iranian population resisting Islamic domination. The days of Islam, its adherents, and offspring are numbered in Iran. Iran will only be able to prosper once this historical misfortune that was imposed on our nation (Islam) is completely uprooted and disposed of into the waste bin of history.

More power to the Iranian people resisting this 2nd Arabo-Muslim Occupation in the history of Iranian nationhood.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Tehran University students "Death to Dicator" ref. AhmadiNejad

On October 8 this week Mahmoud AhmadiNejad the President of the occupational Islamic Republic arrived at Tehran University were he was scheduled to give a speech. Heavy security and screening processes was in place to ensure that the few students allowed into the auditorium were regime-loyalists or basiji (a paramilitary organization consisting mainly of young disenchanted/indoctrinated villagers) so that no disruptions or complications need take place during the speech; knowing full well that if Iranian students were allowed into the auditorium there would not only be a security risk towards the Islamic Republic's president but also the fact that students would be able to pose obviously relevant questions which the regime to date has not been ready to answer (regarding the non-existence of freedom and democracy in Iran etc).

Under the heavy presence of the terrorist Islamic Republic's armed security forces hundreds if not up to a thousand of Tehran University students were showcasing their public rejection of the illegal/occupational Islamic regime and its President Mahmoud AhmadiNejad within the university premises - the students were not allowed to leave the University premises but were locked onto campus. As Potkin says in his entry - the university was under a military siege as AhamdiNejad addressed his supporters.

Some of the chants, slogans, and poster's by the Iranian students were:

"Death to Dictator", "Free imprisoned students", "We have questions too, Why only Columbia?" , "Here is Columbia too", "In Columbia yes, in Tehran no?", "Mahmoud Ahmadinejad source of poverty and corruption", "Freedom is our definite right", "Fashist government should be destroyed", "Shame on the regime leave the university", "student torture is condemned". "we don't want dictator regime, we don't want mercenary police", "political prisoners must be freed", "shame on police, leave the university", "Fashist president, university is not your place".

The importance of this event was once again forgotten of or given minimalist attention to by the western media outlets who even then downplayed the size of the demonstration to a "handful" or "around 100". Again let the videos and pictures of the event tell the true story for all to see: