Thursday, November 29, 2007

Please sign this petition!

Petition for the leadership of our struggle to free Iran

This petition is organized by a group of concerned Iranians who want to see the present religious dictatorship regime in Iran to be replaced with a democratic secular regime. The group members have been active in various opposition groups throughout the past years and have finally decided that the only viable force against the mullahs' regime is one that is lead by Shahzadeh Reza Pahlavi.

We would like to collect as many signatures as possible, however we understand your concerns regarding security and confidentiality, for this reason we have provided many methods for you to use to achieve this goal, but ultimately we need your signature and vote to add to millions of others for freedom of our home land.

You can sign the Petition Online, download a copy of the Petition Form and corresponding petition text in Persian to sign and fax to us, or simply fax or email us with your vote.

For further information please see the INFORMATION page.

Long Live Iran


Winston said...


saggezard said...

Thanks for the link

Aryamehr said...


Azarmehr said...

This is a childish thing to do and will backfire.

Aryamehr said...

Why do you think so Potkin-jAn?

Azarmehr said...

For several reasons:

-petition on the internet does not have the drive to reach that many Iranians particulary in this way.

- petition on the internet is not valid. Any one person can go on and sign as many times as they like. I recognise at least 50 of those signatures are not genuine.

- Even if petition on the internet is to be used, it has to be accompanied by other means, TV, radio, newspapers etc. Not just word of mouth and it should be started by recognised trustable people. The first signatory on this petition is an alcoholic.

- already this petition is used by RP's enemies who say, look his supporters are so few.

- I even rang RP and told him about this and he said it was started without his knowledege and permission and he has nothing to do with it.

- I still think RP in his position should be non-partisan but of course against the Islamic Republic and spend his time meeting more and more ORDINARY Iranians and try to use his position to help them with their problems regardless of their affiliations or otherwise.

This is the role of a modern day monarch, to be all inclusive and non-partisan, not to start a new organisation with no grass roots with the help of some dubious ex-Maoist.

These are my gut instincts, remember how I was dubious of characters like Fooladvand and Hakha. I was proved right on those occasions.

My gut instincts on this occasion also tell me this is political suicide. I hope I am wrong this time.

Aryamehr said...


I think a lot of what you say is right and I even agree with your defined role of a King, but in these special circumstances I don't know what good being non-partisan can achieve. There's been so much effort to create a truly united front, but there has always been some Iranians whose stubborn efforts to prevent this leads to the goal never materializing. That said there is an urgent need for a leader - The Crown Prince has declared his readiness to lead this movement so in hindsite this petition doesn't matter. I guess sometimes we just get emotional and sign them to feel good - but the majority of people, who might indeed agree with the message, do not sign simply because they don't believe in their effectiveness.

Azarmehr said...

Its a waste of time creating a united front. United front of what? 100 one man parties who see each other as first and foremost political rivals?

Credible political parties do not happen as a result of conferences and seminars in hotels with co-ordinating committees of 16 members and more. Credible political parties come about alongside social and charitable work with grass root.

No party is worth its name on paper if it does not have an army of dedicated activists behind it. We need to stop wasting time with political rivals and instead go amongst the Iranians who are currently non-political and obtain their trust.

Anonymous said...

I have read the conversation Between aryamehr and azarmehr and as I am not a member of this group or society I am reluctant to add any comments, however here is my 2 pennies for what its worth.

Firstly; this is precisely the purpose of the petition, not to have any connections or orders from Shahzadeh Reza Pahlavi, if it did then the enemies would have said that he has no support.

The petition is from within Iran and is the wish of millions of Iranians. It is spelled out that the petitioners have done this with NO CONNECTIONS WHATSOEVER to HIH Reza Pahlavi, and correctly so Shahzadeh has said so himself.

Secondly, please Mr. Azarmehr check the signatures and if you have time do a comparison between signatures from within Iran and abroad. a) majority are in Iran, b) from Iran people have given more information such as name , surname and location than outside Iran.
That is great news for me.

Thirdly, you claim they need media coverage, well have you tried to get through the Iranian Media Mafia in LA?

If you have connections;

Don't you think then it is time that instead of bashing every effort on the head take the lead and start supporting something.

In my humble opinion, it does not matter who is behind this petition what is important is that it is following the precise lead of HIH Reza Pahlavi's request for people's demand for his leadership, outside any political, religious and tribal connections.

Mr. Azarmehr, your support is most needed as is every single signature collected.

Hope you agree with my comments.


A supporter of the petition

Anonymous said...

"Its a waste of time creating a united front. United front of what?"

The United front for a "secular, free, democracy for Iran" as per your banner, Azarmehr, on your blog, and as mentioned in the petition.

"100 one man parties who see each other as first and foremost political rivals"

The wording of the petition does not suggest a "one man party". The petition, as I understand, does not focus on a particular or specific "political party" or a "political rival". Even if RP is known to be the leader of the Monarchists' party. The petition actually suggests quite the contratry. It suggests moving away from a single one man political party, and emphasizes an overall "leadership" to free Iran from the Mullah regime.

"Even if petition on the internet is to be used, it has to be accompanied by other means, TV, radio, newspapers etc."

As a political activist, hope you can significantly contribute to your above comment in quotes, and in terms of the message the mentioned petition is sending.

I agree with the previous commentator i.e. Petition Supporter, especially when the person says : "Don't you think then it is time that instead of bashing every effort on the head take the lead and start supporting something."

Anonymous said...

I pray for you good people of Iran! I don't know how else to help you. I been reading much about Cyrus the Great. He may have been the Greatest man other than Jesus to walk the earth.
Remember your Great Past! My best wishes for your future!!!!!
USA guy.