Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Forever Persian Gulf

The President of the Terrorist Islamic Republic - Mahmoud AhmadiNejad attending a meeting of Arab states.

The banner circled above is an arabic text that reads: "majlis al taavon al khalij al arabia" which translates into "meeting of Arab gulf states"! Now where on earth this Arab gulf exists is anyones guess! The only gulf which separates Iran and the Arab states is the Persian Gulf.
Before these motherless creatures like Mahmoud AhmadiNejad and his ilk hijacked our country (Iran) in 1979, the Imperial Government of Iran, and in particular His Imperial Majesty the late Shah of Iran, made sure that nobody disrespected the name of this historical body of water and that if they did harsh consequences would follow; in fact I've read that the late Shah imposed a trade embargo on an(y) Arab state whose shipping containers were marked "Arab gulf" and did not lift it before this fictitious name was removed.

Today the name of our country, thanks to occupational Islamic Republic and its cronies, has been reduced to being associated with terrorism and extremism, our maritime territorial claims in the Caspian Sea are about to be surrendered to the Russians in return for completion of the Bushehr nuclear power plant, and Arab states feel free to go against any legal conventions by misrepresenting the historical and long-standing name of the Persian Gulf. Of course this is but a miniscule fraction of how the Islamic Republic has been successful in reducing Iran's dignity, pride, and culture. To further prove their anti-Iranian heritage, leaders in the occupational Islamic Republic (Khomeini, Bazargan, Khalkhali) even tried to change the name of the Persian Gulf to "Islamic Gulf" - but just as their efforts to ban Iran's ancient New Year, demolish our ancient capital Persepolis, and Islamize society failed so did this futile attempt.

I hope that Iranians can mobilize themselves to shed themselves of these terrorists that are occupying their country and that the dignified name of Iran is restored in the international community.

I'd like to bring the attention of my compatriots to the first part of this interview with the late Shah, where His Imperial Majesty proudly defends the name of the Persian Gulf unlike the non-Iranian/anti-Iranians that have occupied Iran from 1979 till today, and who without shame go sit under such banners with a smirk on their faces!

And a music video by Iranian singer "Ebi" dedicated to the Persian Gulf:


Winston said...

freaking shameful. These arabo-islamic nazis who have occupied Iran seem not to care at all becuz they r in line with their arab masters. I can't hide my anger!

Aryamehr said...

My blood really boils witnessing with what audacity and disrespect these criminals are treating Iran, Iranians, and Iranian culture...

I hope their day of judgement is close!

Azarmehr said...

Yet another testimony that these present rulers of Iran are not Iranian

Fatherland Almighty said...

The worst is when they identify with and support the Palestinian sturggle. WHY?!? Arabs outnumber us 4 to 1 and there are many of them with lots of money. It's THEIR problem, let them deal with it, we shouldn't care in the slightest!

Sending Iranian money to Palestine instead of keeping it in Iran where joblessness is rampant! Stupid bastards and their faith!