Sunday, May 27, 2007

Harassment of Iranian women by Islamists

For 28 years Iranian men and women have had to suffer under a brutal anti-Iranian Islamist regime which has tried to replace their national and cultural identity with a foreign backward Islamic one. I would not be exaggerating when I say that Iranian men have not even experienced a fraction of what Iranian women have had to endure under this savage regime.

Thanks to technological advancements we are today able to document and instantly spread the atrocities of this inhumane regime across the world through the internet. In light of the previous photos that I have posted on here in the past few weeks, here is yet another photo where you can see an Iranian woman that is being harrassed by the occupying Islamist regime's security forces; if you are acquainted with the politics of this backwards Islamist regime you would not be surprised if the girl is charged with acting against national security for having taken off her imposed Islamic scarf! The plainclothes Islamist agent is arguing with the mother of this Iranian girl whilst you can see the other Islamist animal (Revolutionary Guard/"Pasdar") who with a club and a disgusted face is approaching the Iranian girl who is visibly upset and trying to walk away.

All we can do in free societies is to highlight and support these innocent victims of Islamic tyranny by all means available to us.


Anonymous said...

We need to take the Iranian culture back and completely discard the religious dictatorship of Akhundes in Iran. All mullahs should be shipped to Arab countries. All arabic words removed from the language and change our alphabet too if we can.

Anonymous said...

Iran culture is always colourful, it has adopted all other cultures, Either Islamic or pre-Islamic. Problems iranians are facing that they have chosen a menace for their future(Khomeni). Iran was always liberal and progressive, time is now to choose either Iran wants to go back to monrachy or become democratic power of region. Mullahs are enemies of everyone. They believe their version of "code of life" should be adopted at all cost. I am from Pakistan and we Pakistanis are facing same issue. Mullahs here also making life miserable for modern Pakistanis. This is not your fight anymore, rather people of this region under tyranny of different groups. We Pakistanis have great respect and love for our brother Iran. We want to see Iran become prosperous and liberal. Don't lose hopes, I am sure one day you all will make Iran an Asian tiger. Liberals of Pakistan stand side by side with our brothers and sisters in Iran
Long live the unity of brother countries, long live Pakistan and Iran

Kind regards from Pakistan

Aryamehr said...


Your wrote:

"time is now to choose either Iran wants to go back to monarchy or become democratic power of region"

You are making a false presumption here in that you try and separate the institution of monarchy from being "democratic" with your "or". Iran can be Constitutional Monarchy and a Democracy just like Sweden, Japan, Netherlands, UK and so on.

Anonymous said...

Dear Aryamehr,

You wrote
"You are making a false presumption here in that you try and separate the institution of monarchy from being "democratic" with your "or". Iran can be Constitutional Monarchy and a Democracy just like Sweden, Japan, Netherlands, UK and so on."

History is evident that societies move forward, We can learn from History but we cannot implement old ideas in modern world. I am sure you can understand the mistakes committed by Shah and his family members, that caused this revolution. Of course sweden, Japan and netherlands are example, but none of those emperors were overthrown by people. We can learn from examples of Germany and france where kings were overthrown by people power and they ended being completely democratic. Similarity can be found In Iran's case that Shah was overthrown by people's power over alleged corruption charges and too much influence in state affairs by foreign forces. What I have tried to emphasize on that Democracy without Monarchy would be best suitable for Iran. People's president and people's parliament.
Kind Regards

Aryamehr said...


You don't seem to have a good understanding for the underlying reasons that certain people brought these Islamists to power. The Islamists came to power (through an alliance with leftist forces) by appealing to the ingrained islamist psyche that they have developed for over 1400 years in people - by doing so they could twist everything good done for the progress and modernization of Iran into something that was anti-Islamic. Of course lies and exaggerated figures of political prisoners and gross corruption also caused to the mass-hysteria which would eventually allow for these gang of anti-Iranians to take power.

If you take time to read through my previous posts these lies and exaggerations are addressed in full. Yes there was corruption and torture during the Iranian Government and this is not a new phenomenon that is not exercised in what you believe are "absolute democracies". In fact all the countries which you might believe are "absolute democracies" are marked by these ills as well but they are still able to work towards the wellbeing of their society.

The Shah of Iran of course had his flaws but nothing that would amount to a need for an overthrow in government.

Secondly you reference to something you call "completely democratic" - alludes to that you do not have enough information on what a "completely democratic" government would include - for it to be so everyones views would have to be taken into account which would result in a anarchistic society with no progress at all. Democracy is good as long as it is exercised moderately and within limits.

Please don't be idealistic in your assessment and do keep any bias you might have towards the monarchic form of government out of your analysis for what would be more suitable to my nation's future. To determine any inherent superiority of these two systems they would have to be analyzed and contextualized.

Taking into account the historical and cultural forces that have shaped Iranian identity and society the monarchic system in the form of a Constitutional Monarchy with an elected Parliament in my opinion would be able to serve Iran in a greater capacity than any other governance system. This is something that will be debated in a transitory period after the fall of this terrorist regime - and the ultimate arbiters will be the Iranian people.

Anonymous said...

It is a pity that there is so few voices as yours who stand against this monsters