Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Iranian pro-democracy activists intensifying efforts as Islamists intensify their repression

Students at Amir Kabir University in Tehran chant "Death to the Dictators" and try to break through the sealed university gates. (date unknown).

A recent clip (May, 2007) of Amir Kabir students chanting "Death to Basiji's" (Basij are the savage Islamists who brutally enforce Islamic law). More and more pro-democracy rallies are being held across Iran and growing numbers of people are becoming even more determined in working towards the complete destruction of the Islamic Republic, prosecution of its criminals who have held Iran hostage for 28 years and the adoption of a democratic, secular, and nationalistic government.

Marg Bar Jomhoriye Eslamee!


Hidden Author said...

You (and others) have been saying for a while that the resistance to the IRI is growing and will inevitably destroy the IRI. If I recall correctly, there was even a rumor that an Iranian activist was returning to his homeland to start an insurrection. None of this has come to pass. Anyways the real questions are: What information out of Iran is true? and What is rumor?

Aryamehr said...


When I state that anti-IRI opposition is growing i'm referring to the strategic significance not an imminent tactical blow which will destroy the IRI. The imminent/tactical blow can happen today, tomorrow, next week, months, or even years from now - nobody knows when the discontent will reach a LETHAL point.

Fact is discontent is rising.
Fact is more and more videos and pictures documenting this is being taken.
Fact is that the Islamic Republic is intensifying the already oppressive atmoshphere.

As for the latter issue you raised the last information I have on that Iranian activist is that he is in Iran pursuing the aforementioned goal.

Aryamehr said...

There's also been rumors about the said individual having been arrested by the IRI/executed but I do not believe in those rumors.

serendip said...

I fear for these poor kids lives. They are true heroes and a beacon of hope to us all.

"Ta Islam Risheh Kan Nashavad
Iran, Iran Nashavad"--Unknown

Hidden Author said...

What is it about this activist that makes you think he can accomplish his mission (or is even worth mentioning)?

Aryamehr said...


The activist in question has done invaluable service in enlightening Iranians about the true nature of Islam. Secondly I will mention and highlight any Iranian who I think is doing something good for Iran. And in regards to his mission I always hope for the best but don't have over-exaggerated hopes that as soon as he steps foot in Iran there will be an uprising - we are still at the strategic level but moving towards the tactical one.

BillT said...

Why bother answering "hidden author?" He's too cowardly to sign his name and his profile is empty. Probably a stooge for the regime or a useful idiot from the west.

Anonymous said...

Good evenning dear friends i would like to make a statement today, the father of the Iranian revolution is Jimmy Carter.the truth of the matter is that the entire nightmare can be traced back to the liberal democrats of the leftists jimmy carter who created a fire storm that distabilized the greatest country in the muslim world his late majestey Shahanshah Aryamehr replacing our late majesty of iran with a religious terrroist ayatollah khomeini.dear fellow friends during jimmy carter i can name few disasters first the islamic revoultion in iran 2- the soviet invasion of afghanistan 3- the birth of this islamic terrrorist osama bin laden and his fellow terrrorist ahmadinejad khamneii, khalkhali,and///// Rafsanjani wanted by the interpol for the deaths he and his cruel regime of the mollahs caused in argentina. and the iran iraq war millions killed for no reason,these facist terrroist ahmadinejad rafsanjani who is wanted by the interpol and khamneii and khalakhali who is in hell now,and you khatami the ex president of iran i never belived you when alot of iranian thought you were moderate when i saw you coming with those evil eyes i told every one that he is just another evil like khomeini, best regards to all of you and our dear Aryamehr thanks for the superbe site.my fathhers memoirs will soon be available. very sincerlly yours Tirdad Gharib from the usa.