Saturday, February 14, 2009

BBC's gift to the Iranian nation 30 years on...

Marking the 30th "anniversary" of the Islamo-Leftist takeover of Iran in 1979, the BBC has produced a two-part series on the "Fall of a Shah". The one-sided propaganda series does not deviate from the BBC anti-Shah stance and focused on well-repeated themes:

-1953 peoples' uprising against Mossadegh which has been popularized by the BBC and likes as the "1953 CIA Coup"

-Exaggerations on SAVAK's "brutality" against groups that were working against the national interests of Iran; ignorning crimes a thousand times worse by the west's own intelligence services in which 30 years later we still deal with organizations like the CIA conducting torture (for good or bad) - so God forbid though that a developing country 50 years ago used torture against people seeking to undermine the state!

-Criticizing the Shah's military might when in the end it was the few remnants of that military machinery which helped Iran repel the Iraqi invasion (after the mass-executions of Iran's finest military leaders and complete chaos in the military make-up). Noteworthy is also that the Shah knew that Iraq would attack Iran if the country's guards were let down.

-Condemning the Shah for holding a cultural/arts festival in Shiraz (!) and the first time in 2500 years in which a celebration of Iranian culture was once again held (the 2500 years of monarchy celebrations) whilst western nation's are free to celebrate their own nation's cultural heritage each year

-And lastly portraying Iran as poverty-stricken country in which only a select few on the top were prospering - conveniently neglecting the fact that this was not at all representative of Iran in the 1970's but that Iran had a thriving middle class and the nation as a whole was prospering.

This was the BBC's gift to the Iranian nation (or slap in the face if you like) on the eve of the Islamic beast which they helped bring to power. Ironically they even mention in their documentary that this was the first "revolution" that was televised! Ironically this is very true as the BBC acted as the Islamist and Leftists' mouthpiece through which they were able to influence Iranians with their propaganda against the state.

The last part of this two-part series, I believe, will be on BBC (World) next week Saturday at 21:10, if anyone wants to analyze the BBC's historical revisionism and propaganda methods.


Aryamehr said...

See more on pro-Mullah main stream media (MSM) over at my fellow blogger Plateu of Iran:

Anonymous said...

You must have been watching a different series of documentaries as I have. It seemed pretty balanced to me. If it were to be slavishly following the Pahlavi line, it would have been ridiculous. As it was, it coveraged a range of ideas. I thought Parviz Radji was particularly interesting.

Aryamehr said...

I don't know which documentary you watched but this concoction of BBC propaganda was one sided and relied on popularized themes with no factual grounding - in which I have pointed out several themes. Now that has nothing to do with being "Pahlavi line" but has everything to do with providing the public with an unbiased and factual account of historical events.

Azarmehr said...

There seems to be some confusion here. The documentaries shown on Saturday, Iran and the West which is in three parts, last part to be shown next Saturday, 9 pm, must be different from what Aryamehr is referring to. I haven't seen the Fall of ths Shah myself yet.

Iran and the West was then followed by two other documentaries, on th eBBC digital channels, Iran and the British followed by prostitution behind the veil.

Anonymous said...

I believe,
From the time of his majesty, REZA SHAH THE GREATE, when his majesty decided that enough is enough and the greate land of Iran should politically and economically standing on her own feet,and stop being dependent on every forine country specially the BIG IMPERIALIST ,the english become the sworn enemy of Pahlavi dynasty and IRAN, and they knew they can not separate IRAN and Pahlavis from one other,so as always they started to use every tools in there disposal to destroy the Pahlavi's dynasty.They knew very wel when Pahlavis are no more in the charge of the IRAN then they can destroy IRAN,and break down IRAN to the pieces and sell it to the highest bidder, and as result we see that today the caspian sea has been sold to groups of thieves in the north, and tommorrow they are going to sell the persian Golf to the thieves and SOSMAR KHOR in south.
But let them know that the grate people of IRAN are weaked up and they are going to get the Mullas and there MASTERS out of our land, and once more we (IRANIAN) going back to our roots, to our culture and to our believe.





Amir Nosrat said...
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Winston said...

Hey, Have you moved to the US?

Aryamehr said...


I haven't moved anywhere. I'm still located in Europe.


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Winston said...

no wonder it is called Ayatollah BBC