Saturday, February 07, 2009

11 February, 1979 - Day of National Mourning - Iran

22 Bahman - Rooze Azaaye Melli

11 February, 1979 - Iranian Army command commit treason by declaring neutrality against the muslim and leftist guerilla forces, consequently leading to the takeover of the entire state by these terrorist entities. The occupational forces of the Islamo-Leftist alliance declare an Islamic Republic and commit mass executions of Iranian statesmen, military officials, and other personalities loyal to their King and Country. Ever since an Islamic occupation has been in place in Iran, with terrorist forces in charge of all government institutes and security forces.

30 years of death, destruction, thievery, and misery will have passed on this date this year.


Ali.mostaque said...

Hi Aryamehr,

Don't blame the military of Persia, they were merely following orders of the Shah, and extreme pressure from the American military to stay neutral.

obviously many of the senior officers saw what was happening and wanted to deal with the mullahs firmly n 1978/79, BUT because of 1)Traitors to the Shah within his regime (Head of SAVAK, the Shah's personal friend being one) 2) The weakness and indecision of the Shah poor health by then 3) Pressure from NATO commanders and especially from American military commanders 4) The work of USA/UK intelligence in addition meant that the Jewish mullah revolution in alliance with the left were able to undertake the "revolution" unmolested.

Though I would understand if an Iranian living in exile, seeing all the crimes of the Jewish mullahs might bitterly circumspect about the event of 1979, and ask why the Persian military did not deal with the "Revolution" more firmly.

Do remember that 60% of the military subsequently deserted from the Imperial Persian armed forces, soon thereafter (Which encouraged Iraq to attack Iran in 1980) rather than serve the Jewish mullahs. Since that time many senior officers killed and the rest in exile around the world.

One day Persia will have a "Good" just ruler, and Persia will once again have an effective military that Persians can be proud of. Not as now a military which is bastardized, with two competing forces operating against each other; the regular military and the Revolutionary Guard.

Anonymous said...

30 years of death, destruction, thievery, and misery? oh come on. Things aren't that bad at all. much better than in iraq or america, for example.

Anonymous said...

Things aren't that bad at all!!!

I think you are a Mulla yourself or you sold your soul to the Mullas, any way you are a VATEN FROSH in my book.

Aryamehr jan I am 100 % with you for calling the 11 February the day of mourning, and we should deceler this day the blackest day in Iran history.

Now is the time to stop blaming each other and the older generation, and stand to this Mullas and destroy them and every thing they believe in it (Islam), and bring the light and glory once more to our beloved Iran.

God be with all of those who put there own life and the life of there famillies on the line to bring lights to this Dark Hours in Iran.


Nammdar said...

Shahin's words are perfect.

A very powerful and very saddening video.

Unknown said...

Aryamehr jan,
Yes I agree this is a day of mourning for all Persians. However, the military had their families taken hostage by the terrorists(children too) and threw in the towel to save them.