Sunday, February 24, 2008

"Death to the Islamic Republic's security forces! We don't want an Islamic regime!"

Yesterday (Saturday Feb 24) a district of the Iranian capital Tehran called AriaShahr was the scene of a large protest action against the occupational Islamic Republic.

At around 7 PM in the evening the Islamic Republic's morality police was harassing an Iranian girl for not complying with the imposed islamic dress-code. The girl subsequently resisted arrest and was physically attacked by a number of security forces (yes it takes several muslim savages to restrain an Iranian woman). This scene prompted bystanders to intervene on behalf of the girl, and were successful in freeing her from the Islamic Republic's security forces. Patrol cars on the scene hurriedly left the scene as angry crowds began gathering, leaving behind one of their thugs who was taken care of by the crowd.

The two main chants clearly heard in the footage captured of the event were:

"We don't want an Islamic regime!" [persian: "hokomate eslaami nemikhaym"]
"Death to the Islamic Republic's security forces! " [persian: "marg bar nirooye entezami"]

More power to the people of AryaShahar and to all brave people of Iran who continue to defy the savage Islamic occupation of the motherland.

Shame on those foreign powers (EU, U.S., China, Russia) who continue to support the Islamic Republic and only offer empty words to the Iranian people. When Iran is free from this hell-sent regime the people of Iran will remember who stood by their side in their quest for freedom, liberty, and democracy.

Eslam nabood nashavad, Iran Iran nashavad!
Eslam nabood mishavad, Iran baaz Iran mishavad!

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Anonymous said...

YO! Thank you for sending me all thaes e-mails on progress against islam and it's idiotness around the world! I think the first and greatest blow against the stupidity of islam will occue in Iran. I will only be happy when islam is erased from the earth.