Monday, February 11, 2008

VOA Roundtable - Mr Farhoodi, Dr Jalal Matini

Dr Jalal Matini was the studio-guest on Sunday's VOA Roundtable program - focusing on the anniversary of the terrorist Islamic Republic's coming to power. Dr Matinin addresses the role of the "leftists", "islamists", and so-called "ANtellectuals" (ie Qotbzadeh, Sanjabi, Bazargan, Banisadr) who are amazingly also refered to as "liberals" and "democrats" in certain quarters and media.

This is a note-worthy programme for all Iranians to watch and to heed the warning which all of us freedom-seekers have been saying throughout all these years which is to be vigilant to the deceitful tactics that this terrorist establishment will resort to in order to maintain control/power and for Iranians to be aware of the backgrounds of the individuals the terrorist Islamic establishment uses to fool the Iranian people with games such as conservative/reformist or even "opposition" as is the case with DOKTOR Ebrahim Yazdi, leader of the sham "Freedom Movement of Iran". In fact i've been meaning to post a comprehensive background info. on this criminal and for his blood-stained hands, with the blood of our honorable and valiant heroes who remained loyal to King and Country until their last breaths, to be exposed; I will hopefully be posting this on my blog within the coming week.

Please find the media links for the programme below. As for the lady (Nushabe? Amiri) on the programme I leave each viewer to make up their own mind on her "background" and "state of mind". BTW "Rooz", the online newspaper which this lady works for is affiliated with the "reformist" faction of the terrorist Islamic Republic and the fact that she got somewhat upset when Dr Matini exposes DOKTORRR Ebrahim Yazdi - this criminals' - past should not be surprising. Mrs Amiri is in fact member of the faction which argues for "peaceful change from within" and for "bygones to be bygones" - now how nice does that sound lets all forget about the past genocides and work with the terrorist system in trying to push "reforms", working with "pragmatists" and "reformists" like MISTERRR Khatami (the charlatan mullah) :)

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Anonymous said...

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