Monday, January 29, 2007

The terrorist Islamic Republic occupying Iran is set to destroy a major part of humankind's cultural heritage!

The flooding of Sivand Dam is pronounced evidence to the nullification of the human rights of the Iranian people


People of the world, People of Iran!

Two days ago, on January 22, 2007, Islamic’s Republic of Iran’s (IRI) Minister of Energy announced his intention to begin flooding the Sivand Dam within a week. This Dam will flood the ancient archeological sites of Bolaghi Gorge and Pasargad Plains where the mausoleum of Cyrus the Great - the author of the first declaration of Human Rights in mankind's history - is situated. The date chosen for this act is coincided with the anniversary of Ayatollah Khomeini's return to Iran and taking over the reigns of power 28 years ago.

Thus, it is now clear that the government of Mr. Ahmdinejad, taking advantage of the tension it has created all through the world and region, has decided to realize that inauspicious intension which has been hidden in the construction of Sivand Dam by flooding a large part of Cyrus's ancient capital and birthplace, thus, annihilating the most sacred parts of Iranian territory.

By this action, he is telling us that whatever archeologists, historians, experts and university professors have said about the dangers of this dam, and the discoveries of last two years have proved them to be right, has no value for his government and he is poised to destruct the Iranian pre-Islamic history and culture.

But, is it the end of this saga? Is the Sivand Lake going to gradually drown Bolaghi Gorge and bring its disastrous consequences to this region? Do we have nothing but to surrender to despair and mourn our loss? No, we do not think so. Although this decision is the beginning of a catastrophe, it also can be seen as the beginning of a new phase in our cultural campaign against such atrocities to the mankind's cultural heritage.

We think that in these sensitive moments, the duty of lovers of culture and history all through the world and Iran is to expand their endeavors and show the people of the world that all the pronouncements of IRI with regards to the preservation of historical heritages are hollow and baseless and this monstrous dam and its flooding is pronounced evidence to the nullification of the human rights of Iranian people by this government.

Our duty is to show that the government of IRI is knowingly and intentionally following the footsteps of Taliban and has bluntly embarked on the destruction of our heritage. Flooding the Sivand Dam is similar to the detonation of those bombs that exploded the ancient Buddha statues in Afghanistan.

This Committee urges all people, both within and outside of Iran, to restlessly spread the news of this grand injustice with the aim of putting a stop to such atrocity.

We loudly declare that any responsibility with regards to the destruction of Iranian ancient heritage rests on the whole apparatus of IRI's government. We have no doubt that in a day to come all those who are participating in this horrendous act will be legally bound to answer Iranian nation. In the meanwhile, their name will appear next to the worst and most sinister names that could be found in the annals of the Iranian history.

With regards and love

January 24th, 2007


UPDATE #1: Please visit Serendip's entry on this and make use of the contact info she has provided CLICK HERE.


Aryamehr said...

Winston said...

mullahs have been worse than mongols

blank said...

What a horrible shame, and what a disgrace of history and historians.

saggezard said...

One day I hope to crush the skulls of the Muslim fanatics ruling Iran and their followers, then dance on their rotten brains.