Sunday, November 26, 2006

Shahanshah Aryamehr's last wishes...

Well I finally got my first slideshow done. It's very simple and I was trying out the different visual-effects that the program had as can be seen...

The slideshow is a compilation of photos from 1979-80. His Imperial Majesty's last wishes are read out by Empress Farah Pahlavi of Iran.

The Shahanshah of Iran passed away in Egypt, where a long-standing and honorable friend of the Iranian Nation - President Sadat - arranged a state funeral for one of the Greatest Iranians in history.

One of Shahanshah's last wishes was to one day be buried next to the heroes who defended the country and stayed loyal to the Iranian Monarchy to the last breath.



Anonymous said...

A just end to a dictator who had lost his throne and contact with his people

Anonymous said...

Couldn't stop the tears watching this. May he rest in peace. Javeed Shah, Payandeh Iran.

Anonymous said...

Any chance to get the whole translated into English?

Anonymous said...

I always wanted to mention this in Dear Aryamehr's belog.
Did any one notice that Shahanshah Aryamehr was a Muslim himself? He really believed on Islam. He went to Mecca (real Hajj) He made a pilgrimage to Emam Reza every year. He was the One who transformed the Emam Reza's mausoleum the way it looks today. He was the person who claimed Khomeini should not be killed because he was a Seyyed of Khodaa. Shaahanshaah was the person who claimed Emam Hosein and Hasan were the heavenly protection to save him from Fedaaeiaan Islam assassination attempt. He was the person who claimed Abulfazl saved him when his Helicopter crashed in Ghale'Morghee. Now some one might say he was doing all these to fool the gullible religious Iranians, my question is why did he have to? which part of Iranian religious sect forced him to name his Son Reza? because he believed emam Reza is helping him in many ways. That is why he made the Emam Reza's dynasty the way it is today. He believed in Islam, that is why Khomeini was never naturalized. Aryamehr might not publish my comments but it is OK the facts will not be altered. Beloved Shah was a Muslim and I have no doubt about it. That is the main reason he forgot about Mosques and Mullahs and he never thought they will ever turn their back on him.

Winston said...

ino bekhun lotfan

Aryamehr said...

Motori-jaan. Shah was not a muslim in the same way the overwhelming majority of Iranians are not muslim.

It is set out clearly who a muslim is, in action and belief, in the Taazinameh (Koran).

Shah was a man of his time. In respect to calling himself "muslim", (as you said) he could have done so because the era he lived in required him to do so or because he actually believed Islam was the nice and peaceful religion his religious mother had taught him. If it was up to his father none of this bullshiite would have been fed to him. He only lived with his father during childhood for a very short time - most of it was spent with his mother or abroad.

Taking into account Shahanshah's actions he is anything but a muslim. He might or might not have considered himself a muslim - if he did his perception was flawed like the overwhelming majority of Iranians who have had to live with 1400 years of lies and deceit at the hands of the muslim clergy - brainwashing and poisoning minds in our country.

I'm sure that we agree Shah was too lenient on Muslims (and I mean REAL ones not your mother, father, uncle who might be so only by name and a few selective ceremonial rituals) and the Muslim Clergy; however there were great advances made during Shahanshah's reign to curtail the muslim clergy's influence (the White Revolution of the Shah & Nation) and Muslim like the leader of Fedayeen Islam was arrested and executed.

Shah was not a perfect man by no means. But he did his best to bring this nation out of 1400 years of backwardness.

Arian said...

Anonymous, you say "which part of the Iranian relgious sect forced him to name his son Reza?". Simple answer. The sect that that states that any Shah of Iran MUST be a muslim in order to rule. In order to appear as the legitmate heir to the throne, and as the epitomic representative of the Iranian people, he had to keep up the public image of being a good and devout muslim.

A Shah is supposed to be the symbol of the nation and the people. Therefore, the Shah, as one entity must be extraordinary, he must be exceptional in the way the normal citizen is not expected to be. This is why he pilgrimed to Mecca (Hajj) every year and paid respect to Imam Reza's tomb and mad such claims about Imam Hossein and Hasan. If he had not done this things, the people would have rejected him much earlier, and claimed he was not in accordance with the Islamic principles of the nation.

To some degree of course the Shah was actually a muslim, but this was a result of cultural upbringing. Being the Shah of an Islamic nation comes with it a certain responsibility to uphold the faith of that nation in an extraordinary way. So he was taught at a young age to represent and please the people in such a manner.

If he was a true muslim, he would not have spoke a word about Ahura Mazda, and would not have Zoroastrian symbols appear in his royal court. It is clear where his true spiritual loyalties lie.

I have my own quarells with the Shah, and there was good and bad aspects to him obviously, but the argument that the Shah was really a true and devout muslim at heart, is a bad one, and an irrelevant one. And anyway, regardless of what faith he was, he had the same successes and the same shortcomings. His faith changed nothing about what actually happened and what he actually did.

And as far as Khomeini is concerned, the Shah neglected to execute him not of out religious sympathy, but out of weakness. Muslims kill eachother all the time.

Anonymous said...


I’m largely in agreement with both Aryamehr and Arian. However, I’ll add my two cents worth:

The Iranian constitution dictated that a King of Iran and his heir can only rule or reign if they were, specifically, “Shiite” Muslims, not any Muslim. About his son: As I understand it, his son’s full name is Kourosh Reza. Actually, I believe the late Shah named his son Reza, mostly, after of his own father Reza Shah.

I remember that during the month of Ramazan and just before dusk Eftar, on TV, they used to show a type of prayer, which distinctly incorporated many aspects of the Zoroastrian belief. I recall them even mentioning & praising “Ahura Mazda”. I do believe that the Shah had a strong faith in “goodness”, and, I also believe that he was, attempting to, gradually, re-educate the nation towards its original belief & faith. This attempt was also reflected in the fact that towards the end of Pahlavi dynasty, many children at school were being taught more Parsi words to replace common Arabic or foreign usage of simple terms such as: Ba Sepaaz rather than mersi or moteshakeram. After all, one can’t suddenly change 1400 years of indoctrination in a few decades without potential and real backlash.

Personally, I don’t have anything against any religion. But, I believe it is Iran’s and Iranians’ right to know and practice their original faith. In the case of Islam, history is a witness that it didn’t belong to Iran and it certainly wasn’t offered to Iran or Iranians on a silver platter or as a matter of choice. It was, largely, imposed by intimidations and brutal force.

About Muslim clerics: I think the late Shah valued very few indeed. The ones he valued were those such as current Boroujerdi’s father. I think he was aiming for educated, qualified Ayatollahs, not power driven, backward looking megalomaniacs. He made a mistake with Khomeini. But, you know, I think the first mistake was his father’s – Reza Shah. Reza Shah, somewhat, undertook what Attaturk did in Turkey with the Clergy but didn’t follow through and complete it. Of course, part of the reason was that external events interfered.

Anonymous said...

Dear Aryamehr & Arian:

If you haven’t seen this blog, please take a look, especially at the post “The problem with Islam Today” and the comments by two people “Yasin” and “Ali”. here

Anonymous said...

@ arian , Aryamehr & anon
I'm not criticizing Shahanshah for being muslim or acting like a devoted one he had to be muslim in accordance with the Constitution but I did not know he had to have a muslim name. There are plenty of Kourush, Kianoosh, Bahram daryoush Afshin who are muslims as well. I guess it was mainly resorecting his Father's name by naming his Son Reza.
I'm criticizing the over exposure of his islamic image, passing under Jaame'h ol Mozakhrafaat (Quran) and listening to a mullah's prayer before leaving for a trip and the cart blanc he gave to islamists by doing so, i strongly believe (have no fact to prove it)that it never crossed his mind that islamic sect will ever turn its back at him never mind being able to overthrow him. A Big Mistake
At the mean time it will be impossible for me to forget how much effort Shah put in returning Iran to Her roots by changing the Calender base and infiltrating so many pure Persian phrases to daily dialog starting from Governmental Institutions. For example in Dept of War where I used to work we never said "Sobh beh Khair" we always said " Baamdaad Khosh" and so on.

@ Winston, great Idea and I will do my best to contribute.

@ anon in comment #9, your link doesn't work. Can you fix it? thanx


Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see your blog is quickly moving on its intended path and gaining exposure. Check this out.

Anonymous said...


I just clicked on the link I posted and it works!

Aryamehr said...


You shouldn't be hanging around hezbollahi-run forums like that military page! ;)

Anonymous said...

Aryamehr jAn,
I beg to differ!! Actually those Hezi infested sites are the places to hang around in order to affirm the Power of Opposition and try to weaken their islamist stance. They think they are strong and WE can show them they are not. Don't you agree?
I'm certain they've lost many nights of sleep over viewing your statement in their site. Also not all of them are Hezis, there are many hard-core Iran loving Iranians in there constantly battling with islamo-fascists.

Anonymous said...

Don't know why didn't work yesterday.
I've got it. Great site.
Now it is in my Fav. list. thanx

Aryamehr said...


I was on that forum myself something like 2 years ago and back then it was Hezzi-infested. I checked up on it not too long ago and saw that the same Hezzie scum are posting on there.

You are/were not free to speak on that site hence why many people were banned from there.

I agree with you on one thing and that is to "know thy enemy". If your objective on that site is anything other than this it has 1% chance of success. Observe how they twist and distort the truth. Observe how they re-write Iranian history. The same tactics that they use on their pitiful forums they use in real life.

If there is a genuine patriotic Iranian on that board then more power to him/her.

Anonymous said...

man shah dost nistam va esmam ham korosh hast agar kesi mikhad bedone
valli agar ketab zendegi nameie shaho khonde bashind gashang midonind ke shah ke khodesho mosalmon midonest

joz inke shah be harame emam reza rasid
on kasi bod ke harame emam hossein ra sakht
to hamin esfahane khodemon sakhtesh va badan ferestadesh karbala

zamane shah shihaie lobnan mesr bahrein va argh be o migoftand shamishire eslam
shah kasi bod ke AMAL lobnan ra sakht ba komake aytollah mosa sadr va har mah be gorohaie shie pol midad. toie bahrein har masjide shieie ke hastesh on sakht
al hakim ke aytollahaie aragh bod va zede saddam zire bale shah khodemon bod
shah mecle miljonhaie mosalmon iranie fekr mikard
ehtram be dine zartosht valli mosalmon. hata akhonda joratesho nadarnd be dine zartosht tohin konand
shah havaie shiehaie donia ra dasht. az aragh gerfet ta lobnan va arabestan soedi
to ketabe zendegi namash chandin bar tashakor az hazrate ali va abolfazr

Aryamehr said...

Aghaye Koroush,

Shahanshah Aryamehr ghaanoone asaassi Iran-ro rayat kard. Harfaye shoma faghad tekrari hastan.

In the Iranian constitution before '79 the Shah had to be a shiite muslim upholding that religion. If the Shah had not acted in accordance to that consitution he would most likely have been called "kafar" (infidel!) by the muslim clergy! and all hell would have broken loose earlier than 1979!

Leave your hatred for this son of Iran aside.

Anonymous said...

aghaie arayamehr
man che harfim tekrari hast?
man siasat madar nistam faghat etellati ke dashtamo baraton goftam

man fekr nemikonam ke shah do ro bod, har chi bod do ro nabodesh
agar on zede eslam bod ingadar komak nemikard be shiieha
on mitonest faghat dar yek hadi komak kone valli on hata bishtar havaie mosalmona ra dasht ta akhonda darand.
man vaghiato mibinam tarikho mibinam va harfha va amalhaie shaho mibinam va on mige ke mosalmon bode na inke bazi bade marge on migand nabode bedone hich madraki

va dar zemn agar yek nafar az yek karhaie kasi khoshesh naiad lozomi nadare adam nefrat dashte bashe
agha hame chiz siah va sefid nist ke bazi fekr mikonand.
man kheili karesho dost daram kheiliasham na
pas nefrat nadaram man az kam adami hast ke nefrat dashte basham
100 rang beine in do rang hast

Anonymous said...

salam and Hello to all my fellow persians/ iranians. look, I have nothing against you, but why are you all fighting or arguing about the past. Don't you think its time to move on. I mean sure you learn from the past, but whats the point of learning if u never use what you have learned. Its time to think of a new future, not to bring the old one to life.
thank you!
hamishe javid, irane aziz!

Aryamehr said...

Dorood Ahmad,

The purpose on here is not to argue the past - it is to state historical facts for future generations to build upon; and at time my take on them. I'm fortunate in a way to have been born and lived in free societies my whole life and been able to conduct this research into my past; however Iranian youth inside Iran do not have that opportunity - this page is entirely dedicated to them.

Also the focus of this blog is not just on the past by includes the present as well.

Lastly you've misinterpreted the mission statement of this blog - it is not for "bringing back the past" as you said but as stated under my title it is for the "establishment of a free, democratic, secular, nationalistic government" to be formed and replace the current anti-Iranian occupational government.

Hope that clears things up.

Anonymous said...

Aryamehr jan salam.

I really appreciate what you are doing for our fellow youths in Iran and I fully support you.
any wayz, thatnks for clearing things out.

be omide inke yek rooz hamdigar ra dar irane azad bebinim!! :)