Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Anjomane Padeshahi Iran - "Operation Tondar"

Anjomane Padeshahi Iran (API), or the Kingdom Assembly of Iran, with the leadership of Forood Foladvand has set out on the last stages of "Operation Tondar" (Operation Thunder) which will hopefully be the "Liberation of Iran" before the Iranian New Year (March 21st, 2007).

Mr Foladvand after months of unjustly being denied his travel documents, which were seized in a raid by the British MI5, on the eve of the Islamic Republic's Presidential S-elections (The Brits obviously know who can threaten their subordinates' -mullah's- interests!), has through the help of an Iranian lawyer in London been able to retrieve his travel documents. He has embarked on a journey to Iran and will be joining forces with members of Anjomane Padeshahi in Iran at an undisclosed date. He currently delivers short messages, as he advances towards Iran, which are broadcasted on Anjomane Padeshahi Iran's television channel - which is a channel solely dedicated to the overthrow of the Islamic Republic.

What API needs of all Iranians is exposure. We need to communicate this cause to Iranians inside Iran and abroad. Everyone needs to be AWARE that API has plans to overthrow the Islamic Republic and that they need to be ready to join forces when the first strike hits. This hurts nobody.

The way this operation will be carried out has not been disclosed for obvious reasons. Although many who are not familiar with Mr Foladvand might not take this seriously I believe that what API has achieved in the past two years is enough evidence of their sincerity.
Amongst the four most significant "operations" were:

-The act of civil disobedience by around 70 Iranians, on a Lufthansa flight in Brussels which attracted the world's attention to the Iranian peoples' plight

-The 150 chained cars outside the European Parliament in Brussels (Belgium) protesting, in act of civil disobedience, the European Unions shameless support for the terrorist and bloodthirsty Islamic Republic occupying Iran

-The act of civil disobedience outside the International Court of Justice in the Hague (Netherlands) where around 60 cars were brought to a stop outside this court in act of civil disobedience.

-Damaging the Sivand Dam project of the Islamic Republic which if put into operation will flood an immense area of Iranian cultural heritage/sites. (The Islamic Republic has announced now that the opening of this damn will take place early next year!)

Mr Foladvand has sworn that either he will be successful in this mission or he will loose his life trying to save Iran from the hands of these Anti-Iranian savages which are occupying our motherland.

The least any Iranian can do is to raise awareness of this cause of Anjomane Padeshahi Iran - this will not hurt you. When time comes and API calls for action you will have to decide then and there whether to proceed. For now spread the word.

CLICK HERE to hear the latest message by Mr Foladvand.



SERENDIP said...

Is this for real?

Have u seen this:

Anonymous said...

I'd not spend my time on their garbage

Aryamehr said...

ANON: I'd rather not spend my time publishing un-constructive comments so unless you have constructive criticism to come with, see this as a warning for the future.

Papa Ray said...

I would like to make a constructive comment. But Iranians make it difficult to do so.

Talking about protesting and speaking out when your dealing with a government like Iran presently has is as useless as standing in front of a tornado or hurricane. That is unless you just have a wish to be beaten or imprisoned.

The only thing that will change the government in Iran is violence, and killing. Destroying those that fight for the Mullahs and those that govern for them.

Until thousands of Iranians are willing to kill those that oppress them, they have no chance of being free of them.

The previous comments might not be seen as constructive to you, but they are true and factual.

Look at history, if you don't believe me.

Papa Ray
West Texas

Aryamehr said...

Mr Ray,

I agree with you on everything you stated EXCEPT the last point -that the previous comment by "ANON" was "true" and "factual". Could you please expand on what was true and factual by his simple slogan:

"I'd not spend my time on their garbage"


Aryamehr said...

Just in case some of you are unaware API encourages all means to overthrow the Islamic Republic by IRANIAN hands.