Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Revolutionary songs for the Iranian Nation to rise up against their oppressors - the Islamic Republic and those who support it.

All Iranians - Persians, Kurds, Azeris, Balooch....need to rise up. The time has come and its long overdue.

It's time to rise up! It's time to free the motherland! It's time to be Iranian! It's time to raise the Kaviani Banner and the Iranian Shir-o-Khorshid flag!

1400 Years of disastrous and lethal Arabo-Muslim interference and influence in our homeland must come to an end.

Click here to watch 'Rastakhiz'
Click here to watch 'Parvaze-Azadi'
Click here to watch 'Be-Pa-Khiz'

(thanks to Anjomane Padeshahi Iran for for uploading these clips on their site - ; and of course to the artists.)

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Orville said...

Do you know where I could get the lyrics to the Darioush song you posted earlier? I'm trying desperately to improve my Persian.


SERENDIP said...

Is this the same matthew from regimechangeiran?

Aryamehr said...

Hey matthew,

Sorry I don't have the lyrics and I would probably butcher it if i tried to translate it for you myself lol.

Are you matthew from regimechangeiran? not that I know who that is! Serendip, who is matthew from regimechangeiran?

Anonymous said...

Wonderful songs. I would love to pimp the songs up.
Cheers, Scott Storch the tuff jew.

Orville said...

Serendip and Aryamehr,

I've posted on regimechangeiran before (I think) but it's been quite a while if memory serves. I read many of the Persian blogs, there's actually a diversity of opinions as opposed to a repeated recoloring of the same opinion.

Anonymous said...

Have you seen Cyrus the Great – in Australia?

His spirit must be delighted. Some 2500 years ago he didn't get the chance to visit OZ!!

Anonymous said...

Other pictures of Cyrus the Great Bas Relief in Sydney – Australia.

The Bas-Relief looks even better when seen in person.

Gateway Pundit said...

Aryamehr- Thanks for commenting earlier in the week at GP. It was a difficutl week to see the party of appeasement take over in the US. History proves that they are very weak on foreign policy... and disastrous- See Jimmy Carter. My prayers are for the people of Iraq and Iran and all of the West.