Sunday, December 27, 2009

Widespread anti-regime demonstrations across Iran


The people of Iran have continued to voice their rejection of the Islamic Republic and its leadership since the regime's staged s-elections; my fellow blogger Potkin Azarmehr has continuously covered the past month's anti-regime demonstrations (his blog entries provide a good timeline as to how this movement has grown and developed). Today marks the shiite religious day of "Ashura", which the regime normally "celebrates" each year with government-organized demonstrations and mourning ceremonies etc. - this year though things are different. The people of Iran who are fighting to regain their country from this hell-sent anti-Iranian islamic regime have turned the tables on the regime by using regime-sponsored/regime-sanctioned days of importance to stage their anti-regime demonstrations and acts of civil disobedience. Today huge crowds are staging massive anti-regime demonstrations across Iran - protests have spread far beyond the capital and now cover all of the countries big and small provincial towns. Tens of people have been shot dead across the country in clashes between the Islamic Republic's security forces and the Iranian people.

UPDATE 1: HIM Reza Pahlavi II message of support to freedom-seeking Iranians

Here are some clips which have been posted on youtube for global viewing:

Iranian freedom-fighters take over a police outpost in Tehran. One of the regime's security officials is captured and led away by the people. Towards end of the clip there are graphic images of an Iranian man shot dead by the Islamic Republic's security forces.

In the above clip a member of the Islamic Republic's security forces has been captured by Iranian freedom-fighters - there is nothing stopping them from ripping this mercenary to pieces but after some punches voices are heard to stop beating the person. This kind of situation has been norm in past situations as well - even when the regime's security officials have opened fire on the crowd and later been captured by the people the people have still been restrained in their treatment of these mercenaries. How long this restraint will last is anybody's guess...

People running from a tear-gas attack.

Many squares and intersections have been taken over by the people. Security forces have retreated and their cars/motorcycles set on fire.

People setting up barricades in the streets. Chants: "Don't be afraid, don't be afraid, we are all together!"

Image Hosted by
Iranian pro-democracy demonstrator killed by the savage Islamic Republic's security forces.

People are no longer afraid of the regime's mercenart forces. Here the mercenaries are fleeing on foot - peoples power in action.

Iranian freedom-fighter facing armed security forces of the terrorist Islamic Republic with nothing but rocks in his hands.

A street placard bearing the name of the terrorist Islamic Republic's leader is stamped on and defaced by Iranian crowds.

Military helicopters encircling Iranian pro-democracy demonstrators in Tehran.

Fearless pro-democracy demonstrators capture the regime's mercenary thugs.

Heroes of Iran's freedom movement.

Basij (the regime's paramilitary mercenary unit) building is set on fire by Iranian freedom fighters.

The Islamic Republic's security forces savagely beating and arresting Iranian women.

Police car is prevented from escaping. One of the Islamic Republic's mercenaries is arrested by the people.

EXTREMELY GRAPHIC footage of an Iranian protestor shot in the head by the terrorist Islamic Republic's mercenary forces!


Tonto said...

Brave, brave people. May God guard them and help them in their endeavor for freedom and peace.

Anonymous said...

that's overreacting. The regime still has a lot of supporters.

csehl said...

May God Bless you and keep you safe. Lots of Americans are praying for your safety, may the soldiers join you and guide you to your freedom.