Saturday, December 05, 2009

21 Azar - liberation of Iranian Azarbaijan

His Imperial Majesty climbing into a hurricane aircraft during the campaign to liberate Iranian Azarbaijan from Soviet occupation.

In 1946 (21 Azar, 1325) the Imperial Iranian Armed Forces (Army & Air Force), under the direct command of the young Shah of Iran (only 40 Days after receiving his pilot certificate and having less than 100 flying hours), the Shah personally made four reconnaissance flights over enemy-occupied territory; this was the first time that the head of state of a country would personally fly over a war zone. Thanks to the bravery of the Imperial Armed Forces and leadership of His Imperial Majesty, the Soviets were driven out of Iranian Azarbaijan and the soviet "puppet" government of Pishevari was dissolved with many of its members seeking asylum under the protection of their masters in the Soviet Union.


21 Azar - Liberation-Victory Parade

Payandeh Iran!
Dorood bar ravAneh pAkeh Shahanshah Aryamehr!

UPDATE 1: HIM Reza Pahlavi's statement on the anniversary of 21 Azar (pdf).

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