Friday, June 26, 2009

Islamic Republic continues to kill anti-regime protestors

Iranian anti-regime protestor shot in the head by the terrorist Islamic Republic occupying Iran (Warning: Very graphic footage)


Winston said...


Tonto said...

These Iranian Dudes best get armed and learn to be dangerous or the basji bastards will roll over them.

Fröken Sverige said...

Keep up the good work telling people the truth about Iran!

Take care!!


Anonymous said...

oh, you and your overreacting. ahmadinejad has won and you can't accept it.

Aryamehr said...


Disregarding your attempts to be cute and funny - your President AN was indeed selected by the Islamic establishment for a second term. Even if Mousavi had been selected to replace AN nothing would have changed - it would have been another 4 years of the people being taken on a "reform ride" similar to that of your Mullah Khatami when the savage attack on university dormitories took place and Mullah Khatami referred to Iranian pro-democracy demonstrators as "hooligans and hoodlums" (how quickly we forget!). All individuals who are part of this terrorist regime can go to hell - Mousavi included. Mousavi was used as an excuse during the recent demonstrations for people to make their rejection of the system clear - some did so through what they thought were "safe slogans" (give me back my vote, mousavi take back my vote, ahmadinejad is not my president etc) and others had more guts by taking it one step further calling for the outright removal of the Islamic Republic, after 30 years of our country being terrorized by these gang of murdering criminals, and singling out the "Supreme Leader" Ayatollah Khameini who is the ultimate decision maker in the terrorist Islamic Republic.

There is no dispute that AN was SELECTED to run for another 4 years but don't try to portray the Islamic Republic's shame s-elections as some form of democratic process when candidates are picked, screened, and vetted by the Islamic establishment based on the "Islamic revolutionary credentials" and then put on show for mainly international public media consumption and finally whoever is deemed to be an islamic revolutionary faithful to the regime is announced the winner (be it your smilling "reformist" criminal mullah khatami or planet of the apes "conservative" president AN!).

This whole s-election event was staged in the form that it was in order to let people vent some anger in a "controlled environment" - the regime had held massive security maneuvers over the past few years in preparation of dealing with unrest - however as things escalated things didn't turn out in the fashion the regime had wanted - they had wished there would be protests against the results in order to show this off to the international media as being testament to some sort of "democratic foundation" - however it all backfired when things escalated after the regime's savage thugs in the basij/security forces where let loose on the peaceful protestors who were growing into million-man marches.