Friday, January 23, 2009

Before & After

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Sohrab said...

I just posted a review of Gholam Reza Afkhami's The Life and the Times of the Shah - I think you'd like it:

Anonymous said...

This short film burned only my heart, it remind me what we had and what we could/should have.

Long live Iran, god bless his majesty Shahanshah Aryamehr.


Anonymous said...

Yes, vaghan yadesh bekher Shahanshah Aryamehr! I love the last Shah of Iran, I love the Pahlavi monarchy era. But I see that you are attacking Shirin Ebadi here, and this is precisely the reason that after 30 years of this nightmare we have not been able to overthrow this anti-Iranian regime! Because instead of uniting to save Iran, we are just condemning and attacking each other! And the mullahs are laughing at us! Shirin Ebadi is actively working against this regime - she's putting her life at stake by working against this regime from within its heart, while you and me are sitting in our comfort here outside of Iran writing this and that. I don't care about that she was with the revolution in those days - many people were and realized that they made a mistake later. They didn't want this outcome. What is important is what she wants today and what she is doing today. Instead of attacking her we should thank her. And we should change our attitudes and instead of thinking "only us", we should think "together". After all, what is it that you want to accomplish? Do you expect our late beloved Shahanshah Aryamehr to be resurrected? Unfortunately, and I say 1000 unfortunateleys - Shahanshah Aryamehr is gone forever, and that era is gone forever. What we must do now is to SAVE Iran!!

Anonymous said...

I have been watching jame jam of islamic republic today - they're broadcasting massive anti-Pahlavi propganda 24/7 because of the (an)iversary of this republic of death and destruction. Why all this anti-Pahlavi propaganda full of lies and theatrical fabrications? Because they are very well aware that the wispers sweeping across Iran-zamin contains the words: "KHODAY BIAMORZATESH!" That's why!


Aryamehr said...

Shahram (1),

You are presenting yourself as another naive liberal out of touch with realities. Shiring Ebadi, putting aside her "revolutionary credentials", is the one who has lauded the Islamic Republic for having improved the situation of women in Iran in comparison to how it was during the lawful Iranian Government and the late Shah! This idiot is the same person who received a nobel piss price and accepted it first and foremost a MUSLIM woman - there goes your so-called IRANIAN role model. This woman is a weak muslim woman who is nothing but hot air. She is another tool of the Islamic Republic just like the candid mullah Khatami which many Iranians were duped by. This disgusting woman called Iranian students demonstrating several years back as "wish wash" and "hooligans"! I mean how much more FACTS do you need to establish a coherent picture of this muslim woman and stooge of the Islamic Republic. Iran doesn't need degenerates like her who think that women have it better under the Islamic Republic than Iran during the reign of the late Shah! This degenerate was a high-ranking JUDGE who was demoted by her revolutionary leaders to a simple lawyer because Islam sees women as inferior creatures to be used for sexual purposes! It really winds me up when people just parrot what they see on the main stream media and portray Shirin Ebadi as a true representative of the Iranian nation's aspirations which couldn't be anything further than that! Shirin Ebadi can keep herself busy with her muslim duties of speaking up for her muslim brothers and sisters in palestine, guantanamo, and abu ghraib but when it comes to protecting and promoting the Iranian peoples' aspirations she is a complete nobody and tool of the Islamic Republic. Do not be fooled by these games.

Ali.mostaque said...

This is a good short presentation.

But why is it in English, and not Farsi? Can it be mass circulated in Iran? Why only a few minutes, why not have parts I and II together, longer, with the contrasts between the two regimes being emphasised a little longer so that people can soak in the information, IN IRAN.

It can be a powerful propaganda tool.

Yes as the presentation cited or hinted that, ENVY can be a powerful motivating factor why the West United and worked against Iran. But that in itself would not explain everything.

There were also strategic reasons related to Israel, and its desire to create Eratz Israel, at the expense of neighboring mainly Arab countries. Iran does not fall into the boundaries of Eretz Israel, BUT a powerful Persia "in the vicinity" of Eretz Israel in the future, was seen as a threat, and thus the Shah was not allowed to continue modernisng Iran.

Shouldn't that Eretz Israel rule also apply to Turkey, also modernising?......yes it does more so, as Eretz Israel covers parts of Southern Turkey......but I cannot guess the Israeli tactics against Turkey at this juncture. Perhaps the Jews feel more confident that they are in control of Turkey through the Doenme.