Thursday, January 15, 2009

30 years - January 16, 1979

Tomorrow will mark the 30th year on the day which the late Emperor of Iran, Shahanshah Aryamehr, left Iran in an effort to calm the tensions and violence which was being fueled by foreign powers in Iran through the leftist and islamist forces within the country. In a desperate attempt to find a peaceful solution, the Iranian Emperor left Iran to avoid any further bloodshed of his countrymen and further destruction of the country's national instutions and infrastructure at the hands of the islamist and leftist militias. As the Iranian Emperor left his beloved motherland with tears in his eyes, thousands of Islamist and Leftist supporters rejoiced in the leaving of His Imperial Majesty and many previously non-affiliated/apolitical Iranians who had been brainwashed by the consistent anti-Shah campaign also celebrated the Monarch leaving the country which he had wholeheartedly dedicated his life in service to, and which thanks to the efforts of the two Pahlavi Emperor's had become a regional, independent, progressive, modernised, prosperous, and powerful state from that of being a backward, illiterate, poverty and disease-stricken, lawless land abused by foreign powers at the turn of the century.

Emotion grips His Imperial Majesty, the Shahanshah of Iran, as he leaves the country he dearly loved and served for 37 years.

Imperial officer pays his respect and reaffirms his loyalty to Shahanshah
A member of the Imperial Iranian Armed Forces pays his last respects and reaffirms his loyalty to the leader of his country.

Imperial Officer tries to prevent Shahanshah from leaving
A member of the Imperial Iranian Armed Forces tries to prevent His Imperial Majesty from leaving.

Shortly after His Imperial Majesty left Iran, France was quick to charter a plane for Ayatollah Khomeini, the fundamentalist muslim religious leader which the west had groomed to oversee Iran's social, political, and economical destruction. On February 1, 1979, the Ayatollah arrived on a chartered Air France flight. Before landing Ayatollah Khomeini was asked by a foreign reporter what his feelings were upon returning to Iran after many years of exile - his answer was a cold and resounding "nothing"; which his translator/supporter (who apparently is somewhat more intelligent than the braindead muslim ayatollah) quickly re-interprets for the foreign journalist as: "he doesn't want to make any comments".

Furthermore at a meeting of the High Command of the Iranian Imperial Armed Forces, a treasonous declaration was agreed upon and issued (although not by all present) to declare neutrality in this conflict which threatened the Iranian nation's integrity and safety of its populace! In effect a large number of General's commited treason against the country they had sworn to serve and protect. By declaring their neutrality the Imperial Armed Forces, apart from loyal forces in the various military branches that stayed loyal to their King and Country till the very last breath of their lives, also allowed the Islamist and Leftist forces to kill and destroy as they pleased and eventually allowed the country to come under an anti-Iranian 2nd Islamic occupation.

Thousands of Iranians welcomed Ayatollah Khomeini, this anti-Iranian muslim preacher, as a "savior" whilst the majority of the Iranian nation, shocked at the events that were taking place, remained silent in their homes, too afraid to speak their minds amidst the violence and lawlessness, cautiously awaiting how the situation would develop.

Islamist and Leftist terrorist groups holding guerilla warfare & arms-instruction classes, and distributing weapons amongst their supporters in their efforts to destabalize the Iranian government and fueling more violence that will further fuel their propaganda efforts against the state.

Mass executions of Iranian statesmen, military officials, and opponents to the occupational and illegal Islamic Republic took place on a daily basis in the early years of the Islamic take-over.

After 30 years marked by war, socio-economical destruction, political repression and wide-spread executions of Iranian freedom activists, country-wide poverty, rampant prostitution and drug-use, harbouring and supporting islamic terrorist groups across the world with the Iranian nation's wealth - Iranians which were actively or passively part of those historical days today realize and admit to their naiveity, foolishness, cowardice, and anti-patriotic acts.

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Winston said...

a great post. Awesome. Thanks for doing this. I wish the Shah had not left and stayed to prevent army from dissolving. Any how, whats done is done. I will always remain loyal to the Shah and his legacy. Thnx again

Anonymous said...

That day should be called the Durkest day of Iran nation and Iran history, and we should rembebr this day, we should cray for our beloved majesty instead of an arab who killed alot of iranian.
Long live Iran and long live the memories of his majesty.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your post and your blog. I am not Iranian, I am Greek, but I have always had a great interest in and admiration for your country and its glorious history. I have read the Shah's "answer to history" and I found it not only interesting, but touching in a way. It's amazing what brainwashing can do to people - the protesters of 1979 thought they were bringing Ghandi to the country, but in fact Khomeini was more like Hitler...A huge responsibility lies in those countries' governments that promoted the Mullahs because the Shah was too independent for them...basically the US and UK governments...but also France to an extent. It's mind-numbing to thing that some people called the Shah "a puppet" of the States - just because he wanted good relations for the benefit of his country. The fact that the US government did nothing to help him - in fact betrayed him- so he was nothing of the sort.
The Shah was bringing Iran to the position it deserves in the world stage; the Mullahs, with their total disregard for progress and for the Iranian national identity, brought it decades back.
But I believe his work as a whole is not wasted. All the new Iranians I have met have been nourished in his ideals and want to continue from where he's left.
I wish the best for your country's future.