Friday, November 02, 2007

Islamic offensive against Iranian culture continues

Picture depicts the ransacking and looting of an ancient Iranian Imperial Capital - by the invading Arabo-Muslim forces.

Overnight Islamic Republic has wiped out 3000-Years of Iranian History

He stated: "despite all the previous meetings, communications and warnings, the authorities of the Ministry of Road and Transportation have chosen to ignore and in an unexpected move they have flattened and destroyed the historical site overnight."

He added "Lordegan was one of the most ancient cities in the region and in many historical accounts have talked about its prosperous past, but to this date we have not succeeded in identifying its original location, nonetheless, Pol-Borideh could have provided us with many invaluable answers and could have assisted archaeologists in finding the ancient city, but now we have lost that chance."

Another local archaeologist who wished to remain anonymous for his safety said: "Israel should not be worried about the [Islamic] regime's threat of wiping it out from the map, it is us [Iranians] who should be worried, as the regime is determined to wipe us out of the map."

He added "everyday this anti-Iranian regime is coming up with a new plot to destroy our heritage. One day our heritage is being threatened by dam projects, the next its road constructions. They claim these are development projects, if this is the case why is our heritage being destroyed in the darkness of night and in secret - and why don't they sit down with the cultural authorities to find a solution to carry out their so-called development projects, and at the same time safeguard our national heritage?"
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In other news the Georgian parliament will be discussing the possible restoration of the Georgian Monarchy which has been argued will bring peace and stability to that country. The motion which was first introduced by the Patriarch of the Georgian Orthodox Church has been received warmly by all opposition parties and by Georgians who remember the glory days of their ancient monarchy.

As a supporter of the monarchic system I believe the Georgian Monarchy can potentially bring peace and stability to a country that is torn by ethnic tension/separatist groups and wide-spread political corruption. On top of that the rich and ancient Georgian culture will once again find a patron in the Royal Institution which will represent and unite all Georgians irregardless of their backgrounds. The Monarchy can unite the Georgian Nation under one banner and steer the country towards a more prosperous and stable future.

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Fantastic - well written article - I added you to my blogroll.

I think your readers might want to know this as it will have an effect on the future of the residents of Iran as well as the expatriates -

On October 30th, Senator Chuck Hagel’s letter to President George Bush leaked. In the straightforward letter, Hagel insists that the time has come to engage Iran in a one-on-one conversation to address the sour relationship between the two countries. It seems like his point his fairly obvious - he wants to stop beating around the bush and initiate direct dialogue with Iran’s government in order to prevent a seemingly inevitable ‘clash of civilizations.’

You can read the ENTIRE letter here, you can also download the original: