Tuesday, March 06, 2007

They try to remove our ever-lasting Norooz but their efforts are all in vain...

I've pointed out the severe anti-Iranian stance that the Islamic clergy possesses for Iran's pre-Islamic past (before their cursed presence arrived to our homeland). This disgustingly backward and foreign clergy has tried to brainwash Iranians to abandon their culture and embrace Islam full-heartedly be it socially/politically/culturally/religiously. Islam covers all these areas as it's as much a political ideology as it's a religious doctrine. This is in light of their Islamization/Arabization programme which I've covered previously as well.

Yesterday I read this piece on a muslim cleric once again calling for the abolishment of the thousands of years old Iranian New Year! Here is the excerpt from the original article:

"Nineteen days are left till the end of the Iranian year 1385 (March 21st, 2007). Many things are happening. Ayatollah Khazali, a leading Iranian Taliban-like cleric calls this Iranian custom decadent and has requested the government - which claims to have risen from the line of the prophets - to replace this tradition with a Shiite celebration, the Ghadeer Khum, when the Shiites believe that Prophet Mohamamad verified Ali to be his successor. And the leader of the Islamic regime, ayatollah Khamenei, announced that the situation in the country was completely normal."
What these muslims should understand is that their time is coming and that these kind of threats mean nothing anymore. They've held the Iranian Nation hostage for 1400 years through keeping them illiterate, intimidation, and feeding lies to them. Our nation had only begun getting out of this cycle with the coming of the Pahlavi Dynasty but unfortunately the dark forces of "Allah" succeeded in regaining the land they have spread their disease over for 1400 years. However this second Arabo-Muslim Occupation took place in the Information Age and as such their lies are beginning to crumble. Iranians are awakening to the truth. When enough have arisen the time will come for this evil regime to be sent to the hell where it came from.

Islam's stranglehold of Iran and Iranians is coming to an end and these kind of statements by muslims, as can be seen in the above quote, are a testament to the desperate state they find themselves in.

Lastly just for clarification when I use the term "muslim" i mean it in the fullest sense and not a person who drinks, sings, dances, doesn't do the Islamic prayer, hasn't read the Koran ("Taazinameh"), yet calls himself a "muslim" out of sheer naivety and ignorance.


Plateau said...

This is one terrific post. Some may think that there is a significant difference between Shi'ite vs. Sunni Islam, and even the Khomeinist doctrine, when, in fact, there isn't. The basic theology and ideology (ultimately uniting them all) is very much the same and is based on Islam & Islamic laws - regardless of IR mullahs ambitions, who have sought to further capitalized on Islam, both as a faith and a political doctrine. When the Iranians, originally, adapted Islam, the reason was to exercise a certain influence & administrative skills over it and add culture to a cultureless, desert-dwelling Arabs, after Islam had been firmly embedded in Iran through violence and much more. By the way, as you emphasize, Islam does go against nationalism, democracy & any pre-Islamic history; unless it is practiced as a purely spiritual faith, which it isn't.

Plateau said...

Correction: capitalized = capitalize

To clarify something: Iranians (Persians) didn’t adapt Islam per se; they exercised some control over the Arab/Islamic rulers i.e. the Arab Caliphs in Iran, at the time.

Rosemary Welch said...

I surely hope the day comes before Ahmadinejad destroys the lands of Cyrus. The ruins are being looked at for destruction as well. Right where Cyrus is buried (I think, Korosh knows).

How are you doing? I pray everything is going well for your family and you. Have a nice day.

Aryamehr said...

Dear Rosemary, I pray the same. All is good here except for all the work i've got... ;)

Aryamehr said...


You're doing a great job on your blog. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

As always Aryamehr, most fantstic and passionate post...thanks. State Dept. had just issued the Islamic Republic of Terrorism's report card on human rights:


That imbecil mullah should be Kicked out of Iran and sent to Arab country.