Sunday, March 18, 2007

1000 Iranian teachers arrested in brutal crackdown!

Iran Crushes Teachers' Pay Protest

March 17, 2007
The Guardian
Robert Tait in Tehran

The that signals their determination to break a pay revolt. authorities in Iran have arrested up to 1,000 teachers in a brutal crackdown. Riot police beat demonstrators with batons as they tried to gather outside Iran's parliament and education ministry and herded them into police vans and buses before transporting them to detention centres across Tehran.

Around 150 of those arrested in Wednesday's protest are still in custody, with the ringleaders believed to be in the capital's notorious Evin prison. Others were released after signing a commitment not to participate in "illegal" demonstrations.

The clampdown follows recent rallies outside parliament, which drew up to 10,000 demonstrators, many of whom displayed banners criticising President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's government as part of their campaign for higher pay. An average university-educated secondary-school teacher earns £160-180 a month, below the poverty line and much less than workers in other government sectors.

Last week, police arrested six teachers' union leaders in an unsuccessful attempt to stop a gathering that coincided with a planned women's rights demonstration.


Anonymous said...

Aryamehr'e Gerami,

Har roozat Norooz.
Noroozat Pirooz.

Shaad zee
Mehr afzoon

Anonymous said...

this is too sad. I hope these poor teachers don't have to spend the New Years Eve in prison and wihout their families.

This is alos very disturbing :

Anonymous said...

our dear hero shirin ebadi is there to defend the teachers rights. so she would do a great job.
ebadi a true iranian hero

Anonymous said...

dorood bar shirin ebadi
she is a hero for iran

Aryamehr said...

LOL the brainwashed supporters of the Islamic Republic and their various characters like Ayatollah Shirin Ebadi are appearing =)

Sorry but what has Ayatollah Ebadi done to the Iranian Nation but claim oxymorons like "Islam has no problem with Democracy" and "women are much better of in the Islamic Republic than they were before the Islamic Revolution"!

That you guys don't have shame...