Thursday, August 31, 2006

Mullah Khatami in the U.S.!

UPDATED (Sept 3, 2006)

Mullah Khatami's agenda in the U.S.! I've found these RELEVANT VENUES, DATES, TIMES for people to review and attend if possible.

Please note that Mullah Khatami is supposed to arrive in the U.S. (Chicago) TODAY!

Please post any more information in the comments section so that I can add it on here and make this as complete as possible.


Mullah Khatami has noted that he has been asked to deliver a speech for:

Members of CAIR
Harvard University
The Greater Assembly of Churches in Washington D.C.
University of Virginia
New York University



31st August, 2006

-Mullah Mohammad Khatami is expected to arrive TODAY (31st August) in Chicago to speak at two Muslim conventions over the weekend and visit a suburban mosque.

1st September, 2006

-Mullah Khatami may attend the Friday afternoon session of the ISNA convention (see below).

2nd September, 2006

-2nd October; Mullah Khatami is scheduled to deliver a keynote address at the annual Islamic Society of North America's convention Saturday night (2nd October) at the Rosemont Convention Center (Salman Azam, a spokesman for the convention).

-Mullah Khatami is expected to speak Saturday afternoon at Bait ul Ilm, an Islamic center in Streamwood, according to Tariq Weaver, spokesman for the Council of Islamic Organizations of Greater Chicago.

3rd September, 2006

-W. Deen Mohammed, leader of the largely black Muslim organization the Mosque Cares/WDM Ministry and former leader of the American Society of Muslims, has invited Mullah Khatami to "bring greetings" to his annual convention Sunday at the UIC Pavilion in Chicago, said Mohammed's spokesman, Sultan Salahudin.



5th-6th September, 2006

-After visiting Chicago, Khatami is scheduled to attend a United Nations conference in New York City next week Tuesday, 5 Sept-6 Sept

7th September, 2006

-Mullah Khatami has been invited speak about religion's role in promoting peace at the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C., on Thursday, Sept. 7. This event will start 07:15 PM (local time)

-September 7th press conference at the National Press Club to reveal Mullah Khatami's crimes to the press

-September 7th Demonstration starting 6:00 PM in front of the National Cathedral in Washington D.C. located at 3101 Wisconsin Ave. N.W. Washington, DC 20016-5098 (CLICK HERE FOR MAP)


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Winston said...


Chester said...

I am absolutely sickened by this

blank said...

I have taken he comment you left on, requesting people to protest the visit and made it a blog posting. In addition I put it on the Daily KOS blog with the title, Student Requests Your Help With Political Protest

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe he was even allowed in the United States. Of course he is going to address CAIR, they are nothing but a terrorist front living and breathing in the United States.

We are with you, the Iranian people. We understand that your leaders and mullahs are the problem. But what is the answer?

I am Debbie of Right Truth blog

Chad at In the Bullpen

mentions you in one of his posts today. We are with you.

Anonymous said...

Khatami was a reformist President. You anti-Iranian, anti-Islamic, idiots should realize who is on your side trying to bridge the gap between the Islamic world (of which Persia is the center) and the rest of the world. Does the "dialogue among civlizations" mean anything to you?

خاتمی زندہ باد
ایران زندہ باد
منافقین مردہ باد

Aryamehr said...

Thanks Roxie for your help! I really hope that Iranians, Americans, and anyone who stands for freedom and democracy makes their voices heard during this terrorists' visit to the U.S.! It's already a great shame that the U.S. has allowed this terrorist into the country. This appeasement goes against President Bush's statement of "we stand by the Iranian people in their quest for freedom and democracy"...

Aryamehr said...

Dear Debbieh, Chad's actually taken some time and written me an email in which he asks the same question on "what is the answer". The answer as I wrote is to support and empower the Iranian people. How?

Well for one TARGETTED POLITICAL SANCTIONS - isolating this regime is one way of empowering the Iranian people; this will show that you stand by them and reject this terrorist system. Travel bans, closing down diplomatic missions in various countries, freezing assets that the Islamic Republic has abroad, and cutting all ties with the terrorist Islamic Republic is one positive step forward.

TARGETTED ECONOMIC SANCTIONS is yet another way of weakening this regime. This regime is already robbing the Iranian Nation from the BILLIONS of $'s in oil revenue that it receives and none of that money finds its way to the people. Punishing those companies that deal with this criminal regime is yet another form of economic sanction.

Financially assisting those elements of the Iranian opposition which can make a difference and also helping out materially be it laptops, cellphones etc for opposition inside the country would make the efforts of those inside Iran easier to coordinate protest actions, strikes etc.
Imagine if the oilworkers found the courage to go on strike - the whole country would come to a standstill!
In Tehran millions rely on public transportation. Recently the Bus Union of Tehran went on strike with thousands of members participating and the Islamic Regime was quick to crush it.

We need to help the Iranian people in organization/coordination/and execution of demonstrations, strikes etc.

The "western" media is really turning a blind eye to the situation in Iran except for a few exceptions. Political prisoners are being killed in Iran with the recent case being only a few weeks ago. There are many sporadic protest actions by women, workers, minority groups etc that go unheard of in the western press and which are crushed with unimaginable brutality. The mullah's are free to do as they please when this silence rules. We need more publicity on the situation in Iran and of the Iranian people.

It's quite late over here in Europe and these are just some rough thoughts that i've put down...I hope this at least gives you an idea of what can be done...

Aryamehr said...

"ANON", at this point in time people like you have become irrelevant. We are heading toward the DESTRUCTION of this terrorist Islamic Republic and there is nothing you can do but your outbursts here and there. Try your rethoric on real idiots as nobody here will buy it.

Anonymous said...

Uh, yeah fucking right. As you said in another post: "Today, in the Information/Technology Age, enlightened historians and islam-experts are able to bring the facts before the Iranian Nation leading to the SLOW although still PROGRESSIVE awakening of the Iranian people, from the coma they were put into 1400 years ago."

Do you actually believe that just because you are so anti-Islam in Iran that Iranians are to abandon their religion en masse and convert back to Zoroastrianism or something? Get real..

There was no coma the Iranians were put into, rather they were taken out of the times of ignorance people like you continue to advocate.

Winston said...

Hugh Hewitt is talking about this shameful act extensively

Anonymous said...

Mr Aryamehr,

“The Iranian people are being killed by these terrorist mullah’s which the “state department” has listed as the world’s no. 1 state-sponsor of terrorism (be it foreign or domestic)!”

And in your opinion after all what happened in Afghanistan/Iraq/Lebanon and Palestin, who still doesnt beleive that the “state department” is the biggest lier and acting as terrorists now ?
Who beleivs the “state department” opinion (except yourself) , that you have justified your demonstration based on their opinion ?

Be realistic , Shah is dead. We are in a new era. This is not the way anymore. if you are still asleep, more than 50% of people say positive things about Khatami !

Aryamehr said...

ANON, you don't know what little bit of reading and education would do to you. Please spend your time doing just that rather than writing useless that are islam-apologetic.


Mousa, I don't have very high regards for the State Department, especially when they've had idiots like Richard Armitage who called the Islamic Republic a "democracy"! but when they do say the truth I will not hold that against them! You do not need to come here and act as an apologist to the regime which kills children, women, men, and elderly! It sickens me that there are people who are willing to put their humanity aside and defend a savage regime, such as the Islamic Republic, which oppresses the Iranian people and commits crimes against humanity to stay in power. We spent 27 years trying to inform you about the situation in Iran but you do not have the humanity to let abandon your shameful stance.

As I said before, you and your likes have become irrelevant at this point in time (maybe that's what hurting you so much?)

Chester said...

I haven't heard anything about his arrival. Have you?

Anonymous said...

@ Mousa
May I ask how did you come up with 50% figure. Did we have a recent pole in Iran?
Nevertheless I say a Good Akhond is a Dead Akhoond

Anonymous said...

The Islamic apologists days are numbered. The religion of death and subjugation is ultimately doomed.

Anonymous said...

The summer of 2006 marks the 18th anniversary of one of the most hideous waves of executions in Iran’s history. Let us not forget the crimes against humanity that took away and silenced thousands of the brave souls and bright young people in Iran. No one knows the exact number of political prisoners who have been executed since 1979. But, the first decade of 1979-1989, and specifically during the summer of 1981 and 1988, Iran had one of the worst periods of human rights violations and bloodiest manifestation of Islamic Republic. For anyone to excuse these egregious crimes by metnioning a some other crimes is the height of ignorance and abomination. These apologists belong to the cesspool of ignorance where Islam originated in the stone age.

Anonymous said...

To aryamehr:

"Die Dummen Schweden"

You may be interested in this.

Anonymous said...

At times, I contribute to articles on the blog I just posted. You may want to add it to your blog link section, if you like what you see.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

khatami's USA tour falls in line with the 16th anniversary and commemoration of the execution of thousands of political dissidents in Iran.
along with the harvard appearance The Council on American-Islamic Relations has announced a glitzy dinner for Mohammad Khatami Sept. 8 just outside Washington D.C. at the Marriot in Virginia

The dinner will cost $250 a person, but those wanting to schmooze with Khatami in private at a photo-op during a pre-dinner reception must cough up $500, says CAIR. The topic of his dinner address:The Dialogue of Civilizations: Five Years After 9/11.

The Center for Global Justice and
Reconciliation is hosting Khatami first...
it is an Anglican organization, run by Reverend Canon John L. Peterson

Please contact Peterson at
or (202) 537-5745 to let him know how much you appreciate him former el presidente KHATAMI KHAMENEI KHOMEINI

the title of the bilge that he intends to spew at harvard is Ethics of Tolerance in the Age of Violence.


Anonymous said...

Visiting Khavaran Cemetery in Tehran on anniversary of 1988 massacre of political prisoners

Winston said...

He has made it to the US, unfortunately

Chester said...

Aryamehr, do you have more on this? - September 7th press conference at the National Press Club to reveal Mullah Khatami's crimes to the press.

Aryamehr said...

Chester as i've understood it, it will take place an hour or two before mullah khatami is expected to give his speech. I'll try to find out the exact time for you.

Chester said...

Aryamehr -
I checked the schedule at the Nat'l Press Club.

National Union for Democracy in Iran will give a press conference at 9AM Sept. 7th.

It says for more information contact: Dr. Saeed Ganji @301-785-8885,

Anonymous said...

I think we should write a letter to the National press club enumerating wave of assassinations and kidnappings that took place under his presidency. Has anyone compiled this sort of information with dates and names anywhere?