Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Islamic Conversions

Two days ago two Fox News reporters where released after being held hostage by an Islamic group in Gaza. The two reporters where allegedly FORCED to convert to Islam at gunpoint in an event that was video-recorded and which many of you probably have seen on the major news networks. Yes by the sword of Islam two KAFIRS ("unbelievers" [of islam]) were converted to Islam during their CAPTIVITY and at GUNPOINT in order to escape DEATH!

This FORCED conversion instantly reminded me of my motherland Iran, or Persia (as it was referred to) 1400 years ago. 1400 years ago the Persian Empire was in a very weak state after years of being at war with the Roman Empire (aka Byzantine Empire). It was at this time that the savage Arabo-Muslim army of Mohammed, from the deserts of Saudi Arabia, was waging Jihad (Holy War) and spreading the "peaceful religion" of Islam. The Persian Army weakened and the political situation of the Empire in turmoil led to defeat at the hands of the Arabo-Muslim army which attacked from the southern border agains the Arabian peninsula; this tragic event can be expanded upon but at this moment i'd like to focus on the following part:

The people of Persia (Iran) where given an ultimatum by these soldiers of Islam/Allah to convert to Islam OR:

a) face DEATH

b) pay a HEAVY TAX and continue practicing their faith.

Short history:

-Many chose DEATH over accepting the religion of the desert-dwelling Arabo-muslims.
-Many chose to pay a HEAVY TAX and continue practicing their true (Iranian) faith or philosophy of life as many refer to it - Zoroastrianism.
-Many also chose to leave their homeland - many of these ended up in India. This community is one of the most vibrant and successful communities in that nation today and continue to practice their ancient faith Zoroastrianism- they are called "Parsis".
-And sadly many also decided to convert, although only in a superficial sense, to escape the harrassment and lingering death sentences if they didn't.

Only after 200 years of Arab occupation were Iranians able to end the occupation and regain their country.

The religion of the Arabs however remained through powerful propaganda channels - especially the muslim clergy who are masters in the art of deceit and lying and let us not forget the tip of the sword which Islam is famous for.

Today, in the Information/Technology Age, enlightened historians and islam-experts are able to bring the facts before the Iranian Nation leading to the SLOW although still PROGRESSIVE awakening of the Iranian people, from the coma they were put into 1400 years ago.

1400 years ago the Arabo-Muslims "converted" conquered people by the tip of the sword - today they have progressed considerably and do so by the tip of the gun and perhaps in the near future by the use of tanks and atomic bombs; in the last case (the occupational government of the Islamic Republic) it is not because of their "progressive nature" that they will aquire nuclear weapons but through hijacking a nation and using the captured nation's human capital to do its dirty work.

As a muslim recently said: "Islam is the religion of peace but when it is threatened all gates of hell shall be unleashed on the kafirs (unbelievers of Islam)".

Islam is the culture/religion of death, backwardedness, and destruction and IRANIANS are slowly waking up to see this truth before them; and although I might not see a fully "de-islamized" Iran in my lifetime but I can rest assured that my children or grandchildren will one day be able to live in an Iran finally at peace with itself.



azadi eshgheman said...

Great post... I´m happy that still more and more people understand the true nature of islam.. it´s not a religion but a political ideology.

Anonymous said...

"The religion of the Arabs however remained through powerful propaganda channels - especially the muslim clergy who are masters in the art of deceit and lying and let us not forget the tip of the sword which Islam is famous for."

The item in bold is 'one' powerful way of dealing with Islamofacism in Iran. They are and have always been the locus and source of backwardness and ignorance in Iran. Iran will be much better off without them in government or otherwise.

Anonymous said...

islam is a virus and our country is infected.It´s time to do something agains them.our problem is not just Mullahs or their ideology.our problem is islam itself.wake up.. you all

azadi eshgheman said...

But what about conversions of moslems to christianity or other religions?? If you convert away from islam, you commit a crime punished by death penalty...
A friend of mine did it and now his life is in danger. He is in Istanbul now in hiding and he wants to apply for asylum in Europe. We started a petition to support him. His story is here:

Anonymous said...

How come you leave out the U.S. and Britain's role in the toppling of the democratically elected Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddeq in the 1950's? Why do leave out that role of the United States and Israel and European countries in fueling the Iraq-Iran War, by selling weapons to both sides of the war. Why do leave out how the United States had helped bring to bring Saddam Hussein into power and now the Iraqi people are paying the price for U.S. policy.

You blame the "Arabo-Muslims" because they conguered Iran centeries ago. What about the countries of North Africa? they don't have the brutal punishments that Iran has? THey do have to work on improving human rights just like any other country in the Third World.

Aryamehr said...


How come after 50+ years you haven't got it through your thick head that Dr Mossadegh was not "democratically elected" but was rather appointed by His Majesty the late Shah to his position and later one removed from his post when he was deemed to be endangering national security! You probably still refer to the removal of Dr Mossadegh as a coup (!) when the reality was that it was he - Dr Mossadegh - who staged a coup against the Shah by disobeyeing his superior and using military forces to stage this coup which was doomed to fail!

Sorry I have no time to debate with a hezbollahi at the moment.

Anonymous said...

AryaMehr you are a fucking idiot..