Thursday, June 01, 2006

Video of massive Tabriz anti-regime demonstrations

I saw this video clip of the recent massive anti-regime demonstrations in Tabriz on google this morning, and Winston has been quick to cover it.

Just a few comments that i'd like to make on the unrest in Iranian Azerbaijan. First of all it really goes to show what a massive participation there was in Tabriz, however the person who uploaded that video clearly is a Pan-Turanian belonging to the "Grey Wolf" faction of this movement who is trying to depict this massive anti-IRI demonstration as a "anti-Iran" demonstration! These lowlives are doing their best to tear Iran into pieaces and i've seen some of their supporters amongst those in the crowds showing their infamous "Grey Wolf" sign (done in the shape of a bullshorn); a graphical picture can be seen HERE and HERE to help demonstrate (if you go and look at the pictures from the demo's you will notice some people making these signs). You can research their movement further, and an excellent study to begin with and which is very comprehensive is the one written by Kaveh Farrokh on how Pan-Turanism is taking aim at Iranian Azerbaijan.

None the less such an anti-Iranian movement like theirs will not be able to hijack this truly IRANIANfreedom movement. I do believe that if Iranian Azeri's were aware of this threat (Pan-Turanism) to their nation these Pan-Turanian infiltrators showing the "Grey Wolf" signs would have been dealt with severely. The Pan-Turanists are doing their best making this look like a movement in support of the seperation of Azerbaijan from the motherland Iran! The title they have put on for this clip on google is "Azeri's protest Chauvinism" and with "chauvinism" they are referring to something they call "Persian Chauvinism"; little do they know that some of the leading figures of this barbaric regime hail from Iranian Azerbaijan! And by that I am not condemning any region or people since the SAVAGES that make up this regime come from all across Iran and yes even from the province of PARS where the "Persians" hail from. Azeri's, Kurds, Balooch, Mazandarani etc all of them are Iranian peoples (note again in wikipedia that the Pan-Turanians are hard at work trying to seperate Iranian Azeri's from their motherland; i'd refer you back to Dr Kaveh Farrokh article on the origin of Iranian Azeri's). Iranian Azeri's have strong loyalty to their motherland; peoples from all of Iran's different provinces including Azerbaijan, Kordestan, Baloochestan, and Pars are all proud of their provinces and extraordinary men and women that have hailed from them - it is all of Iran's provinces put together that make Iran the great and beautiful nation it is but which unfortunately has been hijacked by a bunch of Islamists who seek to destroy Iran and Iranian culture.

Please be aware of the propaganda and it sure as hell wouldn't surprise me if the western press supports any effort towards the disintegration or "Balkanization" of Iran. In the end it will only remain that though a "futile effort" that will never bare fruit because Iranians will fight to their last blood defending their motherland. Iranian Azeri's will be the first ones to confront any attempt to secede Iranian territory.

This is a topic that is dear to me as I have Azeri heritage myself in my family and a cause that all Iranians feel strongly about and which needs to be dead-clear for everyone.

More power to Iranian Azeri's demanding freedom and for their rights to be recognized.

Yashasin Iran!
Yashasin Azarabadegan!


Anonymous said...

Great post. I'd never heard of Pan-Turanism before. Like you said this is more than ethnic unrest. The underlying cause of this mass protest is the desire to be free.

Anonymous said...

Best analysis of the recent unrest in persian.

Chester said...

Thanks Aryamehr. Good info!

Anonymous said...

The fact that the Azeri chauvinist also had a "pokemon" video uploaded shows how fucking idiotic these guys are, bunch of teenagers who have turned to chauvinism after watching too much Gonlaz Tv. Well I have a message for those little cunts: PAYANDEH IRAN. As long as there are people with Iranian blood in their veins they would never allow you cunts taking bites from our mother land.

Aryamehr said...

Please see:

As I said the western media is jumping on the bandwagon of those who seeks to see the balkanization of Iran by promoting the false propaganda made by Pan-Turanists claiming that Iranian Azeris are not Iranian but "Turkic". The ONLY thing that is "turkic" with Iranian Azeri's is their language and i've referred you to a very comprehensive source that will question any doubts that you might have in regards to this issue. The only "turkic" people that we have in Iran are the "Turkmen's" who hail from Turkmenistan and have settled in the North/North-Eastern Parts of Iran and who themselves identify their country as Iran.

Please do not let Pan-Turanists and the western media suceed in continuing to pour salt into our wounds with this new "Ethnic Seperation" agenda of theirs.

There will always be ONE Iran for ALL Iranians.

Anonymous said...

I'm an Azari born and grown up in Azerbaijan, My mother tongue is Azari and I speak some what good Turkce (turkje). Iranian Azari is totally a different language when it comes to grammar and infrastructure of the dialect. Yes there are numerous common vocabularies the same as what we see in todays Persian language using many Tazzi words but still Persian language remains Persian. The origin of Azari dialect is more from Saljooghyan than Turkish.
BTW there have been many many attempt by many traitors breast thumping for separation of Azerbaijan from Motherland Iran through the decades without getting even close to be materialized. Iranians HATE separationism in general no matter what part of the country they live in. That is ONE agenda ALL Iranians are united and solidarity will be defended as long as there is a drop of blood left in the veins of the last Iranian. Just me 2 cents.

Aryamehr said...


Thanks for your comments. All Iranians have suffered under this brutal regime. Seperatists are trying to take advantage of this and blame one group; this will not bare fruit as it is obviously as far away from the truth as can be - especially when the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic is Azeri himself!

Leaving murderers like Ali Khameini aside, seperatists have come up with a new term to for those Azeri's who do not agree with their evil plans - "PERSIANIZED"...funny enough the overwhelming majority of Azeri's as you said are as Iranian as you can get! so that would mean that 17-18 million Azeri's are all "PERSIANIZED"!!! Desperate claims by a desperate and small group. Azeri's are not "Persianized" and don't need to be, they are Iranians who love their country Iran and who will protect their land to their last blood as they have in the past; most prominent Iranian freedomfighter, Babak Khorramdin, who fought the Arab Invasion 1400 years ago was from Azarabadegan and is cherished as a national heroe by all Iranians.

Once we dispose ourselves of this anti-Iranian regime we will make sure that all Iranians are treated equally and that all different Iranian peoples within the borders of Iran (Azeri, Kurd, Balooch...) get their cultural rights recognized.

More power to all Iranians in the overthrow of this fanatic, savage, anti-Iranian Islamic Republic.

Aryamehr said...

BTW here is an excellent post by Azarmehr that is related to the Pan-Turanian issue:

Winston said...

great post

keep it up!

Anonymous said...

One of the best communiques from R.P. It's very moving.

Anonymous said...

10,000 protest in Tabriz. See the video.

Papa Ray said...

Like stefania, I am just confused about all this talk of who, what and what they support.

Being from Texas, doesn't mean I'm stupid, just not informed enough about Iran.

Thanks for some of the info, but mostly all I got out of it was emotions and statements about Persians versus Arabs or some other factions that I have never even heard of.

I promise to do some research and studying.

At this point, I would like to make a few comparisons.

1. In the U.S., some latinos consider themselves Americans first, Lations second.

2. In the U.S. some latinos consider themselves Latinos first, Americans second.

3. In the U.S. some lationos consider themselves Mexicans and will never be "Americans" and want to "take back" the South West part of the U. S. which was "stolen" from them.

Now, my question is this:

Is this somewhat the same as what is going on in Iran?

If so, specify, If not, explain, Please.

Papa Ray
West Texas

Papa Ray said...

"As long as there are people with Iranian blood in their veins they would never allow you cunts taking bites from our mother land."

What is "Iranian blood"?

What is "our mother land"?

What is "Pan-Turanists"?

What is "Persian language"?

What is "seperatists"?

Do "Persians" dislike "Arabs"?

When "Persians" say that they want to be "free", what exactly does that mean and does than mean religious freedom or another "Islamic" government?

There is no mention of the population that is on the streets of Iran. It has been said that only about half of Iran is "Persian", what is the poor, the "street Iranians" feelings, loyalty?

Does the majority of the "street" support the overthrowing of the present government?

If they do, what is stopping them?

History has shown that dictators and tyrants are not removed by peaceful protests. Why? because they kill and imprison the protestors.

Where are the "Persians" that are killing and imprisoning the oppressors?

This is but the start of my education. I would (and many other westerners would) appriciate answers to the above questions.

Thanks in advance.

Papa Ray
West Texas

Aryamehr said...


I had some links in the entry that would answer some of your answers - they are highlighted in RED and will take you to more comprehensive "definitions" if you click on them.

Iranians want a secular, democratic and nationalistic government. Iranians want religion to be a private issue and not a public one. We want to have a democratic government that is answerable to the people - the form of governance whether it takes the shape of a Constitutional Monarchy or Republic will be decided through a free/fair national referendum.

The majority of the "street" support the overthrow of this Islamic Republic but the regime has proven that it's willing to go to great lengths in crushing any popular movement. Without international support the Iranian people will be severely weakened especially when the international community actively SUPPORTS the Islamic Republic and its media does not report on the anti-regime activities of the Iranian people.

I'll leave at that for now as i'm very occupied right now. I'll get back though on the other points.

Aryamehr said...

Cara Stefania,

Grazie a te! ;)

Anonymous said...

papa Ray: You should read some of Aryhamer's archived entries to find answers to almost all of your questions including the comments sections.

Anonymous said...

Dear Aryamehr, Motori sez
Even though Khameneh is a small town in Azerbaijan Iran which this BOZO is occupying the the title as his last name, still he is not Azari and he was born in Mashhad north east of Iran (No offense to ppl of Mashhad). Check Wikipedia, They will tell you where he is from.

Anonymous said...

BTW Pan-Turanism is nothing but hot air in my book. It never existed and it never will, no matter of how intense is the breast thumping.

Aryamehr said...


Nice seeing you around! Ali Geda (Supreme Leader) is an Azeri (his parents were Azeri) however as you have pointed out he was born in Mashad.

Anonymous said...

Hey Papa Ray if you want to know about Iran dont ask people like Aryamehr they will only mislead you. Read man read. There is plenty of material out there. People like Aryamehr are Persian nationalist or Pan-Iranist. Their goal is to get rid of the mullahs that rule Iran and bring back something similar to the Shah. Their goal is a new Persian empire.

Aryamehr said...

Dear Kirischi:

I have responded to you under another thread and will repost that reply here as I do not see it necessary of me to rewrite it all. Also let me add here that i'm an Iranian nationalist not a Persian. Also, for your limited information, Persian is a word the Greeks attributed to all Iranians and that is the term that ALL Iranians were referred to as by the world up until the 1940's when Reza Shah the Great, the King of Iran, sent a request for foreign governments to refer to his country as Iran and its people as Iranians. As for us Iranians we have always called our country Iran. You really need to educate yourself some more instead of throwing useless "recommendations" left and right that other people should "read more"....

Anyways here is my reply to you that I made on another thread:


Dear Kirischi:

I guess it was inevitable that one of you Pan-Turkists would comment on this. I just read your utter nonsense and ofcourse it has to be published for the world to see what your despicable group is all about. I have already published information on your group (Pan-Turkists, Pan-Turanists, Grey Wolves) and do expect that I will publish more articles on you so that there shall be no confusion about who you are, and what you want to do.

You only tell a human being once that Azeri's are not racially "Turks" as you Pan-Turks would like to portray. You only tell a human being once that Iranian Azeri's have a turkified language and present you with a comprehensive source on it. Do you have such low self-esteem about your own race that you need to claim Iranian peoples as your own now?

Iranian Azeri's are as Iranian as the blood that runs in my veins and guess what the day you try set foot in Azerbaijan with the agenda that you have presented you will see how "turkish" Iranian Azeri's are, we will be waiting.

You seem to be a confused person because you yourself have admitted although in quite loose terms that Iranian Azeri's are an Iranian people who have had their language turkified due to turkish rule in that part of Iran in past history. You should just stop there and don't insult your own intelligence any further by following that sentence with such ludricous statements like "Azeri's are Turks".

A comprehensive source has been presented to my readers in which they can judge for themselves to what great lengths Pan-Turkists such as yourself are willing to go with their lies and in trying to, in a fruitless cause, seperate the head of Iran from its body. I will make sure for your and other Pan-Turkists pleasure to dedicate a entire entry just for this source.

Also, I happened to read your comments on Azarmehr's site ( and would like to publish them here for my readers to see as well.

This Pan-Turkist, Pan-Turanist, or "Grey Wolf" (whichever he prefers to call himself) had written in the above link:

"And sell-out pieces of garbage like you will be the first to get gang-raped. We will pump you full of TORKI XER abkir and send you to the Fars provinces where you can masturbate with your feminine Fars race"

You couldn't have represented your low-life group any better. This is your character and perfect example of where you come from. I have Turkish friends and I would hate to associate them with individuals such as yourself, and I won't. I'd rather want to say that you are a shame to Turkey and the rest of mankind.
You are not worth the time of the day and we will be waiting for your "pack of wolves" =) on the borders of Iranian Azerbaijan.

Anonymous said...

Great post, thank you :)

As an Iranian who lives abroad I was kinda worried about this issue, being exposed to western media and all, and comments from the people who knew very little about the matter.

But recently I had a trip back home and I had a chance to visit Tabriz. Among what Tabrizis told me I can mention that they knew very well that Pan Turkists are being lead from outside, and they considered the whole concept nonesense. Its preachers take opportunity of the regime's decadence, to turn the unsatisfied folks' desire of getting rid of the regime (which is a global desire in Iran anyways, for non-Iranians' info) into a desire to break apart from Iran itself.

Nobody seemed to have a problem with their Iranian identity... same as before.

From the look of it the separatists are a minority with a core group who know what they're doing and then under them, their followers who are rather angry ordinary people. In the protest there were armed and organized men, whose leader had strong authority. Rumors had it that this group has connections with US forces in Iraq (who'd be surprised anyways; the old scenario). As a sidenote I noticed similarities with Pan Persians... as artificial, with blatant hot propaganda, and organized from outside...

(It's another story, but I had some conversations with Armenians too, who consider themselves "Iranians" by the way. And are gradually migrating out only because of the regime's decadence. One told me something like: "They're turning it into Arabia. They're destroying our heritage /.../ they're ruining Persepolis..." he talked about our common roots and I was kinda surprised, I never knew they're this much attached to Iran. So far that they disapprove the current culture of the Armenians in Armenia, which is modified during and after the communist regime. And at the same time, they declare exaggerated stories of their hardship to a certain charity organization in US to obtain visa and leave Iran.

It's just to give a glimpse of what I learnt of them.)

About the trolls posing their innocent-but-directed questions, I've seen it often... They show up on many blogs and forums, with the same questions and references.

PS: About Mexians in US... not really comparable to Azeris in Iran :) With US being a comparitively recent country, and a union of numerous immigrants and nations from all around the world whose original cultures are pretty varied.

No offense, but so far I found most Americans possessing a narrow/pre-fabricated view specially on the events out and far from their country. And their media... heavily and cleverly biased and manage to cover a vast group of citizens with varied and even opposed views.

Anonymous said...

Pan-Turanianism is a Joke, just like Manicheeism was nothing compared to the brain-washing powers of Christianity and secular Judaism.

Islam and it's Murderous Mullahs is your true worry, and I know, since my land, Romania has been keeping {not so much lately} Islam at bay millitaristically for over 600 years. We have King Mihai Viteazul and his ancestor Shtefan Chel Mare to thank for keeping them off our throats.

So to the Pan-Turanians, and our enemies of their bloodstock, the Magyars {Hungarians}, all I've got to say is "Multa Muye", don't worry, once Iran is free of the Islamists, these jokers and their hot-air blowing won't matter one little bit.

P.S Pan-Turanianism would affect us as well, since the Magyars claim a huge chunk of Romania as their own, which our brave weapons and warriors have kept as our own from their grasp as well, from around the year 800 A.D when their wretched steppe-kind came to Europe.

Keep up the Good Fight, the only good religion is that of "Philo-Sophy" = "Love of Knowledge" in Greek.


Anonymous said...

These comments have been invaluable to me as is this whole site. I thank you for your comment.

Anonymous said...

Very good article!My grandfather came from Tabriz and served Iranian Army for over forty years under Pahlavi The First then Pahlavi The Second reign he loved Iran to his dyeing breath.If anything after the death of Islamic rule in Iran we must demand North Azerbaijan back into Iran.This can only happen when Iran is a Constitutional Monarchy with Parliamentary Democracy.Yes the Lion will come out into the Sun after all!!