Monday, June 12, 2006

Pan-Turanism (Intro)

I had earlier indicated that I would dedicate more entries on Pan-Turanism and its evil aims towards Iranian Azerbaijan.

Pan-Turanists tried to hijack the recent unrest in Tabriz and elsewhere in Azerbaijan (I saw on a few photos that a couple of infiltrators where making the infamous grey wolf sign) but they were pitifully unsuccessful to hijack this truly Azeri movement for freedom and democracy. Kurds, Azeri's, Persians, Balooch.....ALL IRANIANS suffer under this foul and rotten Islamic Republic that has occupied our motherland for 27 years now. We all seek the overthrow of this Anti-Iranian Regime.

Moving on, i've challenged a Pan-Turanist who has brought his Pan-Turanian/Pan-Turkist agenda onto my blog, as well as Azarmehr's, that Iranian Azeri's will stand ready at Azerbaijan's borders to "welcome" their "Turkish" brothers =) What a sight it will be to see the "pack of grey wolves" come to "unite with their brethren"; Pan-Turanists will see how receptive our Azeri Lions will be to such a hideous group as theirs stepping foot on Iranian soil with the aim to seperate it from its motherland.

I will post parts of an extensive research by Dr Kaveh Farrokh on Pan-Turanism and its movement and hope that my readers take note of it and read it since it will answer many questions that might exist.

What is pan-Turanianism? Simply put, pan-Turanianism is an ideology that aims at creating a Turkic super state stretching from the Balkans in Europe, eastwards across Turkey, Iran (Persia), the Caucasus, Central Asia up to and including northwest China.

The logic behind this is that all people who speak Turkish must be incorporated into this Turkic super state (see also Atabaki, 2001, Landau, 1995, Zenkovsky 1960 and Lewis, 1962 in References).

Hungarian pan-Turanianist activists go even further. They have proposed that the entire Eurasian landmass between Hungary and Norway in Europe to Japan and Korea was once an empire known as “Turania”. Apart from non-scholastic websites, no linguistic, anthropological and archeological evidence for such an empire exists. Pan-Turanian racialists and historians would beg to differ. They are impervious to logical explanations even in the face of hard evidence. Such is the case of all who are infected with the virulent virus of racialism (see C. Richards, 1997 and J. Searle-White, 2001 in References).

Pan-Turanianism, like Nazi “racial sciences”, or Stalinist “History”, has failed to convince the majority of western scholarship to its cause, and has been as equally unsuccessful in Eastern Europe, with the exception of Hungary and the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Much of pan-Turanian ideology is similar to pan-Germanic racism and Nazism; philosophies from which the Grey Wolves and pan-Turanian ideologues have drawn much of their inspiration (see Parts III & IV). Like the Nazis in the 1930s and 1940s, the pan Turanian Turks envision their Turan super-state (like the Nazi “Germania”), in terms of “lebensraum” (German for “living space”) for all Turkic speaking peoples. The late president of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Abulfazl Elchibey (1938-2000), a Grey Wolf sympathizer himself (see Part II, item 4), is reputed to have stated that “…the road to Turkistan runs through Tabriz”. Tabriz has been an integral part of Persia for thousands of years.

Again you can confirm my statement that Pan-Turanists believe whoever speaks Turkish must be RACIALLY Turkish! So in the minds of Pan-Turanists a black person from Nigeria, born and raised in Turkey, would be classified as RACIALLY Turkish since he would speak Turkish =) Good logic!

I don't know what kind of a twisted RACIALIST view this is but it sure doesn't make any sense at all. If you want to create a "Turkish Supernation" at least try to create it with you own blood for God's sake and don't involve Iranian peoples' in it - because as soon as you do that you know you are in for trouble. Do you have an inferiority complex to come and claim our blood as your own? The same way you have tried to claim Iranian National Heroes as your own in the past (Rumi and Papak Khorramdin come to my mind).

Continuing with this absurd and completely manufactured lie of "Pan-Turanism":

As with every racialist movement, pan-Turanianism has invented its own version of historical narcissism[i]. However, in this particular case, one may say that pan-Turanianism has produced a “history” that is not only incredible, but dare I say, entertaining. Pan-Turanian scholars have not only re-narrated a whole new version of world history, but have set new frontiers in the disciplines of linguistics, archaeology, anthropology and logic, one on par with the “Aryan Physics” of the Nazi regime of Germany (1920s-1940s).

Below are descriptions of a mere handful of these beliefs. As you read the list below, you will undoubtedly ask: how are these conclusions arrived at, and what kinds of minds manufacture such thoughts?

(a) The Inventors of culture, language and civilization were Turks.

Pan-Turanian ideologues have placed a very high priority on re-inventing past history. Much of this is based on the founder of the Turkish Republic, Mustafa Kemal Attaturk (1881-1938) (see photo below), who stated that: “Writing history is as important as making history[ii] (see also H. Poulton and P. Robins in references).

Attaturk was right in that "writing history is as important as making history" but do you have to resort to fabricating history? I'm referring to the Pan-Turanians? Are you in such low self-esteem that you have to manufacture and fabricate false history and claim other peoples as your own and as if that is not enough other peoples' achievements as your own as well! How ridiculous. The funny part is the part about how you, Pan-Turanists, are on a mission to depict Turks as heirs of "nearly all civilization"!!! I mean how far are you willing to go with your ludricous and absurd allegations? You will NEVER have any success in your mission if your basis and foundation is built upon lies and fabricated facts! If you want to unite your Turkish countrymen by all means do so based on established facts, however not on fabricated history.

Now I found this part written by Dr Farrokh regarding the statements of a Pan-Turanist Professor's statement to be interesting:

“Indeed, I have proven that the culture of 6300 B.C. Anatolia as discovered at Çatal Hüyük by archaeologist James Mellaart is Turkish, and since this almost 8300 years old culture was not created in a day, we can easily talk of a ‘Ten Thousand Years of the Turks’ ...”

With a single stroke of his pen (or keyboard), the Professor has traced the entire civilization of humanity to the Turks and eliminated the Greek, Hittite, Armenian, Phrygian, and Iranian (Mede, Persian, etc.) legacies in Anatolia. As you read through the Professor’s book and his “dictionaries”, his cognition and especially his logical processes become somewhat clearer. But what Dr. Diker and other pan-Turanian activists are doing is nothing new; Soviet “historians” had engaged in this type of “academia” since the 1920s.

Pan-Turanian activists have learned a great deal from Soviet scholarship (see Part II, items 1c and 1e). If history fails to support your ideology, then all you need to do is to re-write that history to fit your beliefs. Logic and objectivity are never the hallmarks of any racist movement seeking to differentiate and divide nations and peoples along ethnic, linguistic, or religious lines.

Pan-Turanian activists however have failed (and continue to fail) in the face of northwest European, Greek, Italian, Indian, Iranian, Chinese, and Arabian historical archives, linguistics, archaeology, anthropology, not to mention genetic studies. Not a shred of “proof” actually exists for the truly fantastic narratives stated by pan-Turanian writers such as Silahi Diker.

Again confirming my statements about Pan-Turanists fabricated history in their favour. It wouldn't surprise me if Pan-Turanists would come out and claim that the world is flat and genuinely believe that people will believe it =)

Dr Farrokh goes on regarding this tremendous effort to sell fabricated history and states:

There is a tremendous effort in place to push these ideas into mainstream western academia and media outlets (see Part VI, items 4 & 7). Grey Wolf activists (see item below and Part III) have been introducing these false ideas into the Republic of Azerbaijan and are trying to affect Iran’s Turcophone (e.g. Azerbaijani) populations as well (see Parts II-IV).

My next entry regarding the Pan-Turanist movement will focus on these "Grey Wolves" and in later entries will address the issue of Pan-Turanists Aims for Iranian Azerbaijan. For now I suggest that you have a look at Dr Farrokh's comprehensive study - CLICK HERE to read the entire study.


Papa Ray said...

I'm just an ol' country boy, but this statement doesn't ring completely true in my ears:

"I don't know what kind of a twisted RACIALIST view this is but it sure doesn't make any sense at all."

I know very little about this movement, but it sounds cultural and tribal to me as well as possibly racialist.

Because in order to be the last don't you have to have a strong cultural and tribal group to be recialist?

I mean, here is what I think it means: A racialist is someone who believes in the superiority of one race.

But in this instance are we talking just race?

BTW, thanks for sharing your thoughts and having a blog.

Papa Ray
West Texas

Aryamehr said...

Papa Ray,

But when they start claiming that people are TURKS based on language and such then they are referring to racial lines are they not? They are not claiming that Iranian Azeri's are in fact Iranian but with a Turkic language which would be a more cultural look on this.

Azeri's are Iranians who celebrate Iranian holidays like Norooz (which you might be familiar with) which is the Iranian New Year, and other traditional feasts like Mehregan, Yalda etc. Azerbaijan is a province of Iran and has unique traditions of its own the same way people in northern Sweden (Lappland) have different food, dances, folk costumes than people in southern Sweden (Skane). The fact that people from two different provinces of one nation such as Sweden have different dialects or different folk costumes (!) this does not mean that they want to seperate from their motherland/fatherland which would be Sweden in that case.

These Turks who are seeking confrontation are saying that since Iranian Azeri's speak a Turkified language they are full-blooded TURKS (they mean racially and there is no question about this). Note: Azeri (the language spoken by Iranian Azeri's) is not even fully Turkish but it's an Iranian language that is "Turkified".

The truth is that these Pan-Turanists (Pan-Turkists/"Grey Wolves") see that Iranians find themselves in a very weak position under a brutal Islamic government and they see a chance to take advantage of the misery of the Iranian people by launching this seperatist agenda of theirs. Little do they know that their ideology has very little to insignificant support in Iran and that contrary to their beliefs, if they even dared to militarize their campaign and try to seperate Iranian soil (Azerbaijan) the very first soliders they would have to face off with would be Iranian Azeri's - the very same Iranian Azeri's who fought for Iran's territorial integrity during the Iran-Iraq war.

Just as final note this Turk (Kirischi) has been writing non-sense comments and I will not be publishing them on here so as to maintain the quality of the board. He has posted racist nonsense and attacked me personnaly and I don't see why all my readers would want to read that; if this Turk wants to make it personal the discussion between us two can continue in private. If anyone wants to know what Pan-Turanists such as "Kirischi" are all about they can easily do a research and judge on their own or follow my judgement and read the comprehensive study by Dr. Kaveh Farrokh. I have already provided bits of his comprehensive study and will continue to post parts that I think are needed to understand the bigger picture.

Thanks for taking interest in this topic and your support for the freedom movement in Iran.

Aryamehr said...

Dear All it is with great pleasure that I post this. AFP reports that:

"The alleged deportation from Azerbaijan of an ethnic Azeri Iranian dissident leader was an "unforgiveable betrayal" by the government, the dissident's supporters charged here on Tuesday. Mahmoud Chahraganly, leader of the National Awakening Movement of Southern Azerbaijan, a group opposed to Persian rule in majority ethnic Azeri parts of Iran, was allegedly deported from Azerbaijan three days earlier, after arriving from Turkey where he was also expelled."

First of all this Mahmoud Chahraganly character is no Iranian as no sane Iranian would advocate the tearing apart of his/her country. Neither is he an Azeri. He is a Turk or Pan-Turanist, but Turkey don't seem to want anything to do with him either so they've kicked him out of their country as well; good on Turkey.

Also there is no "Persian" rule over Iranian Azerbaijan. Enough of this seperatist propaganda. Iran is ruled by a ruthless and backward Islamic theocracy that comprises all kinds of Iranians meaning - Azeri's, Persians, Mazandarani, Kurd etc.

The Pan-Turanists are even getting kicked out of their homeland Turkey, which shows what a bunch of criminals this group is.

Aryamehr said...


Personal attacks and lies will not get you anywhere.

Are you a TURK or an IRANIAN. If you are a TURK you are from TURKEY. If you are IRANIAN you are from IRAN. Also if you are IRANIAN you can also be MAZANDARANI, KURD, AZERI, GILAKI, BALOOCH...

Make up your mind what you are and stop making up terms (which seems to be a favorite past-time of the pan-turanist movement!) such as "Azeri-Turk"! lol. I feel sorry that you have to affiliate with such shameless groups as "Pan-Turanists" or "Grey Wolves" who have to fabricate history in order to back up their agenda.

If you are IRANIAN: set aside this non-sense and join our brethren in Azerbaijan and all over Iran in a national mission to overthrow this inhumane regime and establish an accountable government. I want all Iranian peoples' rights to be respected. I want kurds to be able to speak kurdish besides persian, and the same goes with azeri's and all other Iranian peoples'. Set aside the non-sense you have decided to affiliate with and join your people in a productive and nationalist cause.

If you are TURK: then stop speaking non-sense about Iranian people and if you have any ill-intention towards Iranian territorial integrity come and show yourself with your pack of wolves and we will introduce our (Azeri) lions to you.


Anonymous said...

You are a fucking retard.

Anonymous said...

you say pan turanism is bad?you yourself are a pan aryaist. you should accept the reality and know that azerbaycan(azerbaijan) is a part of old turan and in this wild world most groups are going to ally and why turks would not ally and increase their power?
while you are pan iranist and pan aryaist we will be pan turk and pan turanist

Aryamehr said...


I am not a "pan-aryanist" - first and foremost i'm an Iranian Nationalist and second to that I have interest in Pan-Iranism which involves better ties with Iranic nations from Tajikestan to Ossetia.

I have condemned Pan-Turanism because some of it's ridiculous followers have tried to claim land that is not theirs and tried to even portray Azeri's - who are an Iranian people - as Turks! How ridiculous is that; and that is where my condemnation of Pan-Turanism lies. Pan-Turanism is fine as long as it stays within the frame of Turkish people.

Azeri's are an Iranian people who under a long period of Turkish influence in north-western Iran have had their language turkified - this has nothing to do with race. Further to that Azeri's are very patriotic Iranians who have defended the borders of Iran with great courage and will continue to do so from Iran's enemies.

Azarabadegan has always been an integral part of the Persian/Iranian Empire and there is no dispute to that.

So the bottom line is stick to your own people and don't create problems outside of your group - I have no problems with normal Turkish people but certain Pan-Turanists and especially "Grey Wolves" are just idiots who need to have their idiotic plans exposed.

Anonymous said...

Pan-Turanism and Pan-Turkism is what drove Turkey towards its nationalist and racist polices and ideologies, leading the Armenian Genocide and purges of Greeks and Assyrians. Turkey has allied with Azerbaijan over the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict and are pressing for more aggressive policies involving Kurds in Iraq. An increase of Turkish activity in the region is something to be worried about.

Anonymous said...

We Azeris don't give a fuck about Turkey, we're PERSIAN, IRANIC peoples, Azerbaijan belongs to Iran, we're all brothers and sisters.

"A recent study of the genetic landscape of Iran was completed by a team of Cambridge geneticists led by Dr. Maziar Ashrafian Bonab (an Iranian Azarbaijani).[82] Bonab remarked that his group had done extensive DNA testing on different language groups, including Indo-European and non Indo-European speakers, in Iran.[83] The study found that the Azerbaijanis of Iran do not have a similar FSt and other genetic markers found in Anatolian and European Turks. However, the genetic Fst and other genetic traits like MRca and mtDNA of Iranian Azeris were identical to Persians in Iran."

"However, the genetic Fst and other genetic traits like MRca and mtDNA of Iranian Azeris were identical to Persians in Iran."

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

All Azerbaijan is Iran and Iranian.I repeat all of it!Over twenty million Azari in Iran and only five million Azari on the other side.Those five million must join Iran after the downfall of Islamic regime.

Anonymous said...

Aryamehr jan,
This reminds me of the Shahnameh wars or blood feuds between Tur and Iraj. Tur as we know means brave but at its worse-wreckless. I enjoy the Shahnameh very much and hope to read more of it. I have been seeing ancestral bigotry on all fronts not just with turanians. I hope for peace for you as I also despise the Regime in Iran and it has caused incredible heart-ache even now. Keep up your work! You are doing beautifully
-Iris (an old friend)