Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Iranian Women's demonstrations brutally attacked by Islamic Republic's thugs!

UPDATE II: Reporters Without Borders has an accurate report on Tuesday's demonstration in Iran which was brutally suppressed by the Islamic Republic occupying Iran.

UPDATE: Tens of reports from the Iranian capital state of the brutality of the Islamic Republic's thugs against the Iranian women who had gathered to protest for their rights as human beings to be recognized! The men who had showed up to support the women were attacked by the male security forces whilst Iranian women were attacked with pepper spray, tear gas, clubs, batons, and knives in the hands of the female Islamists thugs of the Islamic Republic.

Many women above the age of 60 had gathered as well to show their solidarity with this movement and there was no mercy shown upon them. A widely recognized Iranian poet Simin Behbahani, who is in her 70's and is nearly blind, was seen to be beaten and arrested by the Islamic thugs. It's note worthy to say that this Iranian lady had participated in another women's demonstration not long ago and was beaten with an electric baton and kicked at by the security forces of the ruthless Islamic Republic!

Audio report from the demonstration (in persian):

Audio Report (the lady who participated in the demonstration says that at the very LEAST 1000 people attended the rally, but that it was probably between 1000-2000 people)

For further information please visit these links:

Tehran Women's Demo Violently Broken Up By Police - ZNET

Islamic Regime's thugs attack and assault attendants of the peaceful Women's March

Demonstration by women in Iran capital – photo report

Demonstration by women in Iran capital – photo report 2

Women's Rights Activists Beaten in Tehran - The Associated Press ; It is noteworthy to note here that the AP report has shamelessly downplayed the number of protestors that were actually on spot which organizers have said were somewhere over the 1000 mark and which other sources have claimed was as high as 5000! AP is once again seen as appeasing the Islamic Republic. AP also claims the group that organized this protest was "Labor and Communist Party"!!! This is a straight out LIE as all Iranians know it was the "Tehran Organization of the Defense of Women's Rights in Iran"! AP clearly is either being dictated what to write by the Islamic Republic in return for having an office in Tehran or they are simply such a shameless organization that they are willing to do everything from the truth in Iran from reaching the outside world. The AP article reports 1 injury! When callers from Iran say that many women were not able to get off the ground because they had been beaten so savagely! Also the AP report states that the Islamic Republic's security forces "dispersed" the demonstration 1 hour after it began! This is far from the truth as organizers have clearly stated that the security forces where waiting for them in full force at the designated site for the demonstration and that it was never allowed to take place! And please take note of the last parapgraph in the AP report!!! How SHAMELESS is that!? Trying to whitewas these savage crimes by saying "at least Iranian women have more right than their Saudi counterparts"! BASTARDS report the truth!

Iran police beat women activists - BBC ; The BBC has assumed the role of the Islamic Republic Broadcasting Corporation! They report that only 20 people showed up!!! This make my blood boil!!!! This is the very same BBC who gave a podium for the terrorist of the century Ayatollah Khomeini to launch his Islamic takeover of Iran!!! Believe me when I say that under every mullah's beard it says "Made in the U.K."!!! BASTARDS report the truth!

Pictures from the Women's Demonstration in Iran (Monday 12 June):


Iran Press News



"Protest of women against mysoginist rule" brutally attacked in Iran
June 12th Haft'eh Teer Square
Organization of the Defense of Women's Rights in Iran

Hundreds of women and men had gathered today at Haft'eh Teer Square in Tehran to protest against the Islamic Republic's anti-human policies.

The protest was violently supressed by the Islamic Republic's thugs wielding clubs and knives, and also included FEMALE thugs wielding batons who where seen savagely beating Iranian women.

This report was given live on KRSI by a brave Iranian woman who attended the rally and was not afraid of giving out her name.

Where is the MSM??? Are they mourning the death of Al-Zarqawi? Giving podiums to those who want to criticize the U.S. for its treatment of terrorists in Guantanamo!? Where is the MSM?! Hundreds of Iranian women came out to demand their rights in Iran today and they where brutally suppressed by the Islamic Republic's security forces! Where is the outrage!? Where are the condemnations!? Where is HUMANITY!?

Many more pics:

Source of all these pictures is: http://www.kosoof.com/


Winston said...

So Sad, So Sad! :-(

Aryamehr said...

Another report: http://www.iranfocus.com/modules/news/article.php?storyid=7577

Anonymous said...

Once again, the MSM's silence is defeaning.

Azarmehr said...

Good thorough report and quite right about AP

Anonymous said...

The day will come when these thugs if they are lucky will be in a Iranian jail and they must listen to our free lady singers and Ay Iran anthem with a lady in charge of prisoners and prison with our Sun and Lion flag blinding them !

Anonymous said...

Death to all mullas with or without turbins their islam and their quran!Marg bar Akhoond be sharaf va zan setiz dozd adam kosh!Va marg bar mozdoranish az bozorg ta kochiceshon!As daroon ta borooneshon!To BBC va VOA PARS va Dubie Landan va LA Toronto neshineshoon!Va marg bar Mohsien Sazergarah va rahbaroneshon baraye hefs in regime.Dorood bar zannon Iran zamin ke bar allayeh in regime istadan!! LOVE THEM!

Anonymous said...

I have heard that in Hamedan Univercity the mullah regime has orderd all girls to wear the full hejab.Is this true? If so this is going towards total arabization of Iranian culture.Aryamehr can you please tell me if this is true it is very depressing news.To hell with these basterds they are asking for war!