Saturday, October 03, 2009

"Ey Iran"

A compatriot named "Damon", plays the true Iranian national anthem ("Ey Iran") on a rooftop in the Iranian capital Tehran.

I hope that soon, with the ending and defeat of the savage and anti-Iranian 2nd Arabo-Muslim occupation (in the shape of the Islamic Republic), the tunes of the Iranian national anthem will be played in all cities across Iran.

Until that day...


Arash said...

Good on him, brave man, one day we will sing it as our national anthem.


Anonymous said...

In the name of our great good god yazdan khodavand Iran, in the name of our holly land Iran, In the name of our great ancestors who have fought throughout the ages for our beloved soil, In the name of the great kings, heros, men, women and the young who have given their blood for our country we will fight till every single mullah and their evil beliefs and practices are banished from our holly lands.