Saturday, July 18, 2009

Massmurder of freedom-loving Iranians by the Islamic Republic

Over 100+ Iranians have been killed by the Islamic Republic during the past few weeks of anti-regime unrest in Iran. Eye accounts of dead bodies stacked upon each other in secured rooms in hospitals have been reported by doctors and nurses that work in hospitals. A young woman who was detained during the demonstrations called Taraneh was severely raped at a detention centre in Tehran and had to be taken to hospital - eyewitness accounts state that they saw this young woman being brought into the hospital unconcious and only after a short period of time taken out again by the Islamic Republic's security forces. Her body was found burned, chucked away in the desert, in hope that nobody would know of her horrific fate at the hands of the savage animals working for the terrorist Islamic Republic. Below is a photo of a young man called Mohammad.

Even when Mohammad was brutally tortured and there was almost no life in him anymore, he was still "locked" to his bed so he could not scape,in the Loghman hospital by the security forces!!

After his pressure from his family he was moved to Mehr hospital!! But the doctors in Mehr Hospital said that becouse of the infection, the life of Mohammad Kamrani could not be saved!!

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Winston said...

Hundreds were killed...

Tonto said...

Fight for your freedom's the only way toi get rid of these terrible "black robes".