Friday, September 14, 2007

Tomb of Emperor Xerxes to be destroyed by occupational Islamic Regime

After having destroyed over a hundred archaeological sites dating from pre-historic to post-sassanian times (Sivand Dam) and exposing the tomb of Cyrus the Great to future destruction, the Islamic Republic is set to destroy a monumental Iranian historical site in their campaign to exterminate all remains of pre-Islamic Iran (Persia). The tomb of Emperor Xerxes at "Naqsh-e Rostam" historical site is at risk of breaking in two if the occupational Islamic regime is allowed to continue construction with their Esfehan-Shiraz railway track. Evidence confirms the fears of Iranian cultural heritage enthusiasts that the powerful jolts caused by the passing of trains in such a close distance (as planned) to Naqsh-e Rostam would put the already damaged tomb of Emperor Xerxes in a real risk of being broken into two parts over time.

These losses are not just losses to the Iranian Nation but to the entire cultural heritage of mankind. If Iranians are powerless to save these sites due to the violent and repressive nature of the occupational Islamic Regime at least those nations who do have the power (technological, economical etc.) to assist the Iranian people in liberating themselves should do their human duty in helping the occupied people of Iran!

For more news on the occupational Islamic Republic's "genocide of Iranian cultural heritage sites" please see:




Winston said...

I think it might even be better if we let the US bomb the hell out of these bastard mullahs. At least our historical sites might be saved from these Islamic savages.

Anonymous said...

As with many a pre-Islamic site, the mullahs have proven to the world what a cancer that are, what an anti-culture islam is upon the face of this earth.

If the tomb of Xerxes is destroyed {I've asked before, in my Military History course, even Greek students are vehemently opposed to any kind of pre-islamic sites being destroyed in Iran} these bearded anti-humans, for even a "monster" can see right and wrong, need to be destroyed by the impending student revolutionaries

Believe me, a full scale armed revolution is in the making, for the human soul is never voluntarily deprived of freedom, and if freedom lacks, it will writhe and burn, it will sleep in thunder until it is freed.

Disgusting, this historical herritage belongs to the world and to the real Iranians, not to some mullah islamist anti-humans.

As for the Zionists pressing for a war on Iran...No and No, it's out of the question, remember the "French" government official who made those statements is a Jew, his last name being "Kouchner"

Ah, Jewish Zionism is another evil, I won't get into it, but these dirty Jews forget what king Cyrus did for them, how we'd be stepping on their bones now, had the Assyrians gotten their way...

Bah, the world is dying, all of it, this fragile state of being we're in cannot continue for much longer.


Anonymous said...

There was a time when Persia was Persia not Iran!!!
There was a time when Mohammed Reza Pahlevi stud before the Tomb of Cyrus the Great and honoured him as the great man he realy was. There was a time when the Achaimenids were remembered and the glory of those men who fought with the Atheneans and the Spartans was still alive.
There was a time when the shadow of Zarathustra shined over Persia.
There was a time when a country was looking at civilisation, and there was a time when this great country called PERSIA honoured it's history at Naqsh-e Rostam, at Persepolis, at Sousa!
Take those stinking moula criminals and religious fanatics out!!!
They do not speak for Persia, Ajatolah Khomeini and his seed is a disease for every civilized human being, they should be cut out from history permanently.
Persia to the real persians. Ajatolahs and their sic ideas have no place in this world.

Unknown said...

This "dirty Jew" and other Jews remember King Cyrus and that he allowed the return of our people to Israel in ancient times. Israel respects all ancient sites and all modern religious sites. Zionism an "evil"? Zionism is the idea that the Jewish people should have a national home in its own land. Nothing evil about that. Easy to sit in your armchair and condemn others.