Sunday, September 16, 2007

Interview - Islamic Style

Interview being conducted on the occupational Islamic Republic Broadcasting Network with the pedestrian (interviewee) being shown a prepared script on the recent gasoline rationing which she is supposed to read out for the camera - yet another evident proof as to why absolutely nothing which comes out of the Islamic Republic's propaganda networks is a reflection of the Iranian peoples' genuine feelings or opinions. On other occasions there won't be a script and the pressure will be on you to give the "correct answer" which if not heeded can lead to a lot of trouble for you and perhaps even your family depending on the "severity" of your answer...


Unknown said...

payande iran
ba dorod bar shoma doste mihan paraste tarnamye ma ham sari bezanid.piroz bashid

Aryamehr said...

Dorood Mazdak Gerami,

Motaseffane man khatte arabi ke shoma dar tarnamaye khod estefade mikoneed nemitavanam bekhoonam.

Bar har hal arezooye piroozi baraye shoma daram.

Pirooz va Sarboland basheed.

Winston said...

This, you may not believe it, once happened to me in hafte-tir Sq in Tehran. They forced me to rant some BS about culture in front of the camera. I couldnt avoid them it was like they trapped me... Any ways, this is how Stalinists systems work