Saturday, June 30, 2007

Oil rationing by occupational Islamic Republic causes civil unrest

The occupational Islamic Republic's introduction of oil rationing for one of the world's largest oil-producing states, which noteworthy due to its incompetency does not have refining capabilities to meet demand in turn having to import gasoline, has caused deadly civil unrest across the nation leaving at least three people dead. The Islamist tyrants sent their security forces to quell the unrest which resulted in further intensification of acts of rebellion with the torching of tens of gas stations & destruction of banks by masses of enraged people. Thousands across Iran chanted slogans against the Islamist dictatorship.

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Knute said...

"Why not build refineries? The answer may be simple and, hence, most believable: corruption.

The Islamic regime decided to allocate national funds for establishing oil refineries in Malaysia and Indonesia to enable its top officials to skim millions of dollars off those budgets and funnel them into their personal businesses and private bank accounts in the Far East. Like many a corrupt regime, its leaders fondly believed the people knew nothing of their abuses. The violent protests which the fuel rationing decree sparked across the country told them the population had not been fooled."

Anonymous said...

Bad call on their (the Islamic Republic in Iran's) part.